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Momo Handles: A Brand Story

Momo Handles
A Brand Story

Ever Changing Design

When it comes to kitchen and cabinet handles, Momo Handles is a brand that should be on your radar. Launched in 2008 with a mission to create a range of handles that were reliable, well-designed, and affordable, Momo Handles quickly became a favourite among Australian designers and cabinet makers.

The Momo Difference

What sets Momo Handles apart is their commitment to simplicity. They believe that great design doesn't have to be complicated, and that philosophy is evident in every handle they create. From sleek and minimalist to bold and eye-catching, Momo Handles has a range of options that are sure to suit any style.

But simplicity doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Momo Handles is committed to using only the best materials and manufacturing processes to create handles that are built to last. Their handles are not only stylish but also functional and durable, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen, laundry or cabinet.

Quality meets Style

Momo Handles has come a long way since its humble beginnings, thanks to a team of designers and industry experts who have worked tirelessly to evolve the brand. They've scoured the globe for inspiration and emerging trends, and their efforts have paid off with a range of handles that truly stands out from the competition.

At The Blue Space, we're proud to stock Momo Handles and offer our customers access to their exceptional ranges. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom or building a new cabinet or wardrobe, we highly recommend checking out Momo Handles and experiencing their unique blend of style, quality, and affordability for yourself.

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