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Ingrain: A Brand Story

A Brand Story

"Our mission is to elevate the spaces you inhabit by providing unique and quality products that speak to your individual style."

Eco-Friendly Elegance


Ingrain is an Australian owned and locally designed brand that celebrates the beauty and intricacy of natural materials. Our products are crafted with a keen eye for detail, and we believe that the materials we use should be celebrated and appreciated, and our designs aim to showcase this in every piece.

We carefully curate our collection of materials, sourcing locally and from all corners of the globe to ensure each piece we offer is truly beautiful in your home. Whether it’s the warm, earthy feel of our reclaimed and sustainably sourced hand-crafted Australian timber vanities and shaving cabinets, the luxurious detailing of our painted and timber veneer collections, our engineered stone vanity tops or the understated elegance of our mirrors, each product has its own story to tell.


Trendsetting Aesthetics

The current trend in bathroom aesthetics is beautifully embodied in our offerings, showcasing exquisite features in our bathroom vanities, shaving cabinets and mirrors, such as fluted detailing that adds a touch of texture and depth. Embrace the organic allure of natural timbers, each piece meticulously curated to bring the warmth of Australian nature into your space. Our stone vanity tops exude luxury and durability, seamlessly blending functionality with opulence.


Designed in Australia


Ingrain vanities are more than functional fixtures – they are bespoke pieces designed here in Australia to harmonise seamlessly with your living space. Embodying the essence of refined elegance, these vanities are not only a visual delight but also a testament to thoughtful design. Tailored with the dynamics of family living in mind, each piece boasts ample storage, ensuring a clutter-free sanctuary that effortlessly combines sophistication with functionality.


Crafting a Retreat

With Ingrain, your bathroom retreat becomes a haven of tranquility, where modern sophistication meets the warmth of natural materials.

Ingrain's warm timber vanities pair perfectly with the Ingrain LED mirrors that not only provide flawless illumination for your daily routines but also contribute to a spa-like ambiance with their soft, integrated lighting.

Enjoy your daily self-care ritual with this dynamic duo, transforming your bathroom into a space that reflects your individual style and promotes relaxation.

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