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Blind Buying Guide: How To Pair Your Space With The Right Blinds

Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Blinds

Before you can place your order for new blinds & curtains, you must figure out what room they are going in, how many you need, what style you want & like AND what their purpose is. Blinds come in a variety of styles, colours & finishes, so continue reading along to figure out which is the perfect option for your next home renovation project!

What blinds are best for sliding doors?

If you have sliding doors from one room to your patio or backyard, you have a few options available to you, however, there are a few things to consider!

One of the most convenient options to be paired with sliding doors is vertical blinds. We love vertical blinds for their simple design and easy-to-use functionality - especially in front of sliding doors. When fully closed, you receive a good amount of light blockout and security. And, when it is time to use the door, they can easily be pulled back to an appropriate amount for you to use the sliding door, without having to duck under or squeeze past - just be sure to match your controls to the same way as your door opening when ordering to avoid a very inconvenient fit!

Roller blinds are another fantastic option to go across sliding doors as they are available in a range of custom sizes and offer some of the best light blockout or filtration. Available in a single or double roller design, this type of blind is easy to clean, operate and style. However, there is one drawback to roller binds in front of sliding doors, and that is the need to roll your blinds up to a certain height every time you want to go outside. While this isn’t a big deal, it can become annoying over time and is definitely something to consider before ordering roller blinds across your sliding door.

Another perfect solution for sliding doors is curtains! With a very easy-to-use functionality and simple look, curtains are a fantastic addition to any room and add a level of luxe too. Curtains offer great coverage and light filtration and work perfectly alongside sliding doors as they can be easily manipulated to follow the same track opening.

What blinds are best for bathrooms?

When it comes to the bathroom, a few considerations must be made before beginning your ordering process. In particular, you must consider how close your new blinds or curtains will be in relation to the more frequently wet areas e.g the bathtub or shower. In these areas, it is best to opt for window furnishings that can be easily cleaned or removed of watermarks.

Right off the bat; Venetian blinds. Long gone are the days where Venetian blinds were only suitable for an office or study room. Nowadays, Venetian blinds add a sleek look to any room and are available in a range of finishes and colours to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. We particularly love Venetian blinds within a bathroom thanks to their mould-resistant quality and ability to withstand heat/humidity, caused by a steamy shower. Available in a range of colours, Venetian blinds can either blend into your bathroom or make a statement.

Once again, the trusted day night roller blind comes in as another stellar option! Roller blinds are perfect for the bathroom thanks to their full coverage and privacy shades. Customisable and available as a double roller, opting for this style of blind is perfect for your bathroom as they can be easily wiped down should any moisture or water end up on them. Once again, this window furnishing is available in a range of colours & materials to suit your bathroom’s look & feel, while offering UV protection too.

What blinds are best for the kitchen?

Coined the ‘heart of the home’, your kitchen deserves blinds & curtains that compliment the space, while offering functionality. Similar to the bathroom, one thing to consider is your window’s placement in relation to any possible wet or hazard areas - i.e over the kitchen sink or near a heat element. Assuming this isn't too big of a factor, many blind options will work beautifully in this space with one additional window furnishing taking precedence. That is - the Roman blind!

Roman blinds are a beautiful feature within the kitchen thanks to their elegant appearance and impressive finish when open or closed. Roman blinds work in a way that appears ‘bunched’ when up, but flat when down. This look is quite classic and offers a lux finish to any space, while still offering fantastic coverage. Roman blinds can also be easily cleaned and are available in a range of colour and fabric types, suitable for any kitchen style.

Alternative Blinds

Alongside Roman blinds, other window furnishings suitable for the kitchen include roller blinds, double rollers blinds, Venetians and verticals. As they are all simple to clean and sit fairly flush within your windowsill, these are perfect options to fit your overall aesthetic and look.

Which blinds are easiest to clean?

When it comes to cleaning your blinds, thankfully most styles are cleaned the same way! Although to answer the above question - we must admit. Venetian blinds take our pick for the easiest to clean! Thanks to their smooth surface, they can be easily wiped clean with little thought. However, this isn't to say all other blinds aren’t easy to clean too!

Cleaning Your Blinds

Here at The Blue Space, we find the easiest way to clean your blinds is to start by lightly dusting your blinds when they are fully drawn. Dust both sides of your blinds. Once finished dusting, lightly damp a microfibre cloth and pat down your blinds. Wipe in a downward motion and avoid leaving your cloth in one position for too long to ensure your blinds do not soak up too much moisture. If heavily soiled, it is possible to remove most blinds from their hinges and thoroughly clean them. However, with proper maintenance and regular upkeep, this shouldn’t be necessary!

Curtains can be cleaned a bit more thoroughly by physically removing them from their track & soaking them. The best approach to this is to remove any hooks & weights, before soaking your curtains in cold water. Use a light amount of detergent and avoid ringing or rubbing too rough as the fabric is very sheer & delicate. Before airing out to dry, attempt to rinse out as much water as possible or even put them in your washing machine on a delicate rinse cycle. For the best result, iron out your curtains while they are still slightly damp to ensure the drop resumes to its correct position once hung up again. Be sure to dust your windowsill and architraves before returning your curtains to their track for the best results.  

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