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How to Design the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

A Bathroom Must-Have

A custom bathroom vanity is the latest must-have in bathroom renovations around Australia, so, have you thought about how you would design your custom vanity?

Let us help you get started!

Vanities are the best storage solution for your bathroom, the perfect place to hide everything from beauty products and hair dryers through to kids toys.

Need more storage? opt for a mirrored bathroom cabinet above your vanity - they can be made in the same colour as your vanity - Bonus!

Freestanding Vanities VS Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities are the latest innovation in bathroom vanity designs, which gives the illusion of more space due to their floating nature.

Wall hung vanities will provide enough storage for a busy bathroom and also make cleaning easier with the free, open space below.

On the flip side, if you are looking for that extra storage space, a gorgeous freestanding vanity will cater to those needs and we have options to suit both small and large bathrooms.

Freestanding vanities will give you a more traditional look and are perfect for classic charm.

Vanity Configurations

This is when you need to consider how you are going to use your vanity. Will there be more than one person fighting for the sink? Do you want a perfectly centre bowl under a mirror? Do you prefer drawers or cupboards? Let us share some of our best tips to help you decide.

  • Double bowl vanities are great for family bathrooms that have more than one person getting ready in the mornings.
  • Cupboards tend to be a little cheaper than drawers, however drawers allow you to easily access anything stored towards the back.
  • Left or right offset basins are great for providing extra bench space to one side.

If you know what configuration you are after, it will help you narrow your search to find the best vanity for your space.

Vanity Materials

All of our custom made vanities are made from quality materials that have been tried and tested in bathrooms, and as peace of mind, they are all backed by industry leading warranties.

If you are after best value for money, opt for a laminate vanity with an integrated ceramic basin top.

Laminate finishes have come a long way and today resemble real timber and a huge selection of colours. The integrated basin tops save you lots of money and are durable and seamlessly sit on top of the cabinetry.

At the premium end, real timber vanities or two pack painted vanities are absolutely stunning.

Two pack painted means that it is painted timber, you can select any dulux colour and have your vanity painted to the exact shade to match your home.

Timber vanities are finishes in a clear polyurethane finish to ensure they are water tight. One thing to note with real timber is that it is a natural product, so you may get slight variances in the grain, but we think this adds to it's beauty.

Stone benchtops are very popular at the moment, each of our suppliers offer stone benchtop finishes in a variety of colours to suit your bathroom style.

At The Blue Space, all of our custom vanities are made right here in Australia using locally sourced products, and we ship Australia wide.

ADP Vanities have a vast range, Loughlin Furniture Designs focus on beautiful coastal timber vanities and Marquis offer great two pack painted vanities.

Need help with your vanity selection and or custom vanities? Contact our product and design consultants for expert advice!

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