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How to Install Vertical Blinds

Complete Guide to Installing Vertical Blinds

Before you begin installing your blinds, make sure to read through instructions throughly, make a checklist of what you need, amount of people needed to install your blinds, and then start the installation process.

Take your time with this and remember to contact us with any questions!

Step 1: Using a pencil, mark where you will be placing your brackets within the recess of your window. Use the bracket as a guide for where to draw your markers. These should be evenly spaced to support the bracket of the blinds.

Step 2: Place the bracket on the inside of the original pencil marking, and draw an additional mark inside the drill hole of the bracket to indicate where you will be drilling.

Step 3: Drill your pilot holes where you have made your markings in preparation for installation of the brackets.

Step 4: Place the screw and drill through the bracket, and drill the bracket into the pilot hole securing it to the window frame. Latch on the hook end of the track and then press down on the tab end to click in place.

Step 5: Attach the slats to the track before attaching your slats. Clip your first slat to the carrier hook. This will be one of the outside slats and one of the end carrier clips. Attach the next slat in order to the next clip. Repeat this process until all slats are attached to the track.

Note: Make sure that the blades are in the ‘OPEN’ position when the blind is being drawn open or closed.

Step 7: Finally, secure the child safety hook that is supplied already hanging on the chain to the side of the windowsill using a drill. This ensures the chain stays in place within the window frame.

Blinds Sample Pack

Our Blinds sample packs allow you to choose a selection of colours, fabrics and textures to help make your dream blinds come to life.

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