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Why You Need a Concrete Basin In Your Bathroom

Concrete Haven

Concrete furniture was first introduced in early 20th Century by Thomas Edison who noticed it’s durability and malleability.

Many felt concrete furniture lacked appeal so an engineer/inventor named Lynn Mason Scofield introduced the first successful products for colouring, staining and protecting concrete.

Limitless Style

Now there’s an endless amount of possibilities with concrete furniture, as brands such as Nood Co offer a variety of concrete basin styles to suit every customer need.

Nood Co offers a range of Wall Hung , Surface Mount and Box Vanity set basins as well as an assortment of 14 colours to choose from.

Surface Mount

Basin Vanity Set

Surface Mount

Wall Mount

Basin Vanity Set

Concrete Basins, A Bathroom Trend?

The possible reason why there is an increasing demand for concrete bathroom basins could be pointed towards the direction of interior design trends.

We see many interior designs shy away from loud, flashy furniture's and colours in order to embrace a more naturalistic, zen like atmosphere that neutral tones and almost organically shaped furniture's and fixtures create.

Brands that offer 100% chemical free coloured concrete basin such as Nood Co, emphasise serenity and rejuvenation when incorporated in your bathroom, due to its natural material, refreshing colour palette and it’s aesthetically pleasing sculptured designed basins handcrafted in Western Australia.

These basins are mounted directly on a levelled surface such as on top of a vanity unit.

1. Bowl Basin

The Bowl Basin is available in a surface mount or wall hung style. The round bowl basin is a blend of traditional and contemporary. Traditionally classic in shape however the perfect wall height to basin depth and range of matching on-trend pop-up waste styles makes a gorgeous basin.

2. Pill Basin

The Pill Basin is available in a surface mount or wall hung style. Far from conventional, the basin's stunning oval shape and sleek curved smooth edges is a unique design that will definitely be a statement piece in your bathroom.


Wall Mount or Wall Hung basins are mounted on the wall, perfect for powder rooms.

3. Shelf 01 Wall Hung Basin

A gorgeous space saving basin for powder rooms or small bathrooms. The Shelf 01 Wall Hung basin will suit minimalist, modern and industrial designs. This basin also has a shelf space to place hand wash, soaps and or a mixer tap.

4. Funl Wall Hung Basin

The Elegant shape of the Funl Basin mimics famous architectural structures such as the astounding columns of the Parthenon of Greece. The slight curve as the diameter is decreased from the bottom upward highlights the handmade hallmark of the brand and its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

A basin and vanity storage in one. Unique and practical Scandinavian styled bathroom basin.

5. Trough Basin

This Wall Hung basin is a perfect blend of masculine features that the raw industrial bare powder coated frames create, paired with the soft edges and smooth surfaces of the basin and shelf. The variety of colours available allows this fixture to blend in with almost any bathroom design.

6. Box Basin

Similar to the trough basin however smaller in size and more square in form. The concrete box basin is mounted on a powder coated steel frame that creates a bold design for this fixture. Pair with colours such as mint or pastel peach to bring vibrance to your bathroom.

New addition basins with two colour tones introduces boundless variations of design and style.

The Stepp Basin is also available as a surface mount, and has the appearance of two different basins combined into one. The basins flat smooth outer walls are inwardly indented to break up the continuity of design and create character and uniqueness that a hand sculptured artwork would bring.

This Basin is also available as a surface mount and can be mounted in any bathroom setting. The large surface area means less water spillage and a cleaner, practical bathroom. The two tones of the basin allows a pop of colour to your space, perfect when matched with matte black tapware.

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