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We Are Triibe X The Blue Space – Kitchen Tips

Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with an existing kitchen, there are several key factors you’ll need to consider in order to achieve the result you desire. Firstly, ask yourself a few questions, and depending on your answers, this will help you determine what kind of budget and parameters you have to work within:

Do I want to utilise the plumbing and cabinetry layout which is already in place?

Are there any key items I would like to retain?

Am I after something new that still manages to compliment the existing surroundings?

Your budget will need to cater for necessary costs such as; materials, tap-ware and trades – which will most likely include carpenters, plumbers and electricians, and depending on how involved you want to be, it will dictate if you need to allocate budget for designers or custom joinery makers.

As a general rule with any kind of construction project, a budget tends to stick to a ratio which is 1/3 for manufacturing, and the remaining 2/3 to cover labour. Regardless on how involved your kitchen project is, this ratio still applies to even the smaller changes. If you’re working with existing elements within the space make sure you make considerate choices with what you’re bringing in and taking away. It’s important to make sure your design decisions don’t become a statement for the wrong reasons. Harmony is a principle you should always stick to in this decision making process. If you have decided to start from scratch or do a complete renovation, the biggest factor to consider is making sure your kitchen works with the rest of your interiors. Making sure there is a sense of continuity is key, otherwise you’re left with a disjointed feeling which is something you want to avoid.

Consider your surroundings and how much space you have to work with, and remember that functionality and aesthetic need to work hand in hand. Throughout the rest of this Tip Sheet, we show you some of our favourite kitchen designs, and highlight some key design decisions that have been made in order to create a successful and desirable end result.

Melbourne Residence by Flack Studio

Clean lines and a crisp monochrome palette define this bright and modern kitchen space in Melbourne. With meticulous attention to detail, the beauty of this design is in the refined material choice, combined with articulated and thought-out carpentry.

A seamless Italian carrara marble slab lines the splash back wall, with black shadow lines articulating the white textured cupboard doors and marble counter top. In subtle quantities, brass accents are used throughout to give the space an extra element of depth and interest, while the black tapware gives another element of contrast to the sink area. How this scheme would work for you: If you’re a true classic at heart, but enjoy a modern twist, this space is the embodiment of that. Opt for a monochrome palette with thought out details, black tapware and high quality materials.

Recreate The Look:

Phoenix Vivid Slimline Side Lever Sink Mixer

Clark Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

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