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Double Showers: Do They Really Save Marriages?

Double Showers in Bathrooms and Ensuites are becoming more popular where space allows them. They really give a luxe, upmarket feeling to the room. But did you know, installing one could save your marriage? Well, sort of*. (*We can’t actually back that up 100 per cent, sorry).

However, there are certainly some things to remember when thinking of installing a double shower, and these are some of them:

  • Only install one where there is enough space. Ensure the shower can fit two people comfortably, as it is an entirely wasted effort and waste of money if the end result is pokey and uncomfortable.
  • You will need two shower heads (sometimes people even install more than two). These can be generously-sized Rain Shower heads, Showers On Rails (which are adjustable for height), or traditional Wall-Fixed Shower heads.
  • Have Independent Tap controls (so two independent shower heads and tap units next to each other) so you are not wasting water if only one person is in there, or you may like your water warmer or at a different pressure than your partner.
  • While the initial cost will be more than a standard shower, since you are effectively doubling your shower head and Tapware costs, it immediately gives the room an upscale appearance and a luxurious feel, and allows you to save time as it makes showering more efficient.
  • Water can be saved while showering at once, if you choose shower heads that are water saving and efficient, without compromising the flow and water pressure.

We can say, however, that the quality togetherness time that a double shower provides can be that pivotal together time all couples need on a daily basis. While two people showering at once arguably saves water, more than that, double showers provide what every couple needs in an ensuite or bathroom: to spend some quality time together. Whilst it also saves time getting ready as two people can shower at the same time.

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