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Old School Glamour: The Charm Of Antique Tapware

Tapware is an important part of any modern blue space, and choosing the right fit for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or ensuite can prove to be quite the dilemma.

Although in the past few years, we've been brought some gorgeous new tapware such as matte black lines and simple silhouettes, sometimes nothing can beat going back to the classics. Antique tapware has an element of charm which instantly adds character to any room of the house, and we here at The Blue Space are so happy to see it come back – and better than ever!

Phoenix Tapware have designed the Nostalgia collection, which exudes an ‘old world’ charm to enhance any blue space. Its elegant design style and build makes for the perfect addition to your dream bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Mixing traditional with modern and contemporary, Fienza's ranges such as the Lillian and Eleanor range come in finishes such as the classic chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, and a beautiful champagne finish. Perfect if you're wanting to incorporate this timeless design with a twist.

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