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Top Trends to Consider For Your Laundry Renovation

We love that laundry rooms around the country are being transformed into a beautiful practical space. With a lot of laundry renovations happening, we have noticed some really cool trends that we wanted to share with you as a consideration for your upcoming renovation. Here's out top 5 favourites. 

1. Combine your laundry with a spare bathroom 

Not only will it increase the value of your home, but having a spare bathroom is the best when you are entertaining or have other people staying in your home. Include a toilet and a laundry sink that can double as a basin. If you have the room, a spare shower is always great, especially if you need somewhere for the kids to rinse off after playing outside. 

2. Incorporating space for your pets

Mans best friend! Here at The Blue Space, we have seen many people incorporate areas for their pets into their laundry designs. A few of our favourites;

  • A corner that is equipped with dog bed and robe hooks to hang leads and collars. 
  • A drawer that pulls out from the bottom that has a drinking bowl and food bowl incorporated. 
  • A dog washing station! Complete with a lower sink and a wall shower that creates an easy washing station for your pooch. 

3. Hiding the dirty clothes hamper

No one wants to see their dirty laundry lingering in a beautiful new space. We have been installing cupboards that have a built in hamper that pulls out when you open the cupboard. If you have the room, you can even have a couple of hampers that separate the gym clothes from the work clothes. 

4. Large butler sinks

Traditionally seen in the UK, large white ceramic butler sinks (or apron sinks) are the latest trend in laundry renovations. Not only do butler sinks look beautiful, they are very practical for soaking and washing due to their large single bowl size. 

5. Filling awkward spaces with additional storage options

Do you have a small corner or a space where you can't quite fit a cupboard, but you don't know what else to do with it? Consider Robe Hooks or small towel rails that will allow you to hang school bags, beach bags or ironed shirts on coat hangers. Every awkward space can have its purpose. 

If you are looking to renovate your laundry or need any ideas for your specific space, contact us on 1300 739 006 for a free laundry design and quote specific to your measurements. 

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