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Meir Tapware: A Brand Story

Brand Feature: Meir 

With a beautiful array of coloured taps on offer by Meir, learn how to perfectly care for your new tapware and bathroom accessories before putting them to the test - the lifetime test.

Install with confidence and shop with trust.

Coloured Tapware

With 6 stunning finishes, designed to compliment your home, colour match your spaces from the bathroom to kitchen and laundry.

A take on the classic brushed brass, with golden hues that aren’t as heavy as other golds, but not too yellow either. This beautiful combination leaves a sophisticated take on the usual brushed brass look.

Perhaps one of the most popular finishes today. Matte black is perfect for any space, working perfectly alongside a neutral colour palette, as well as a contrasting moment against a pop of colour.

A soft & elegant finish, perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. Meir’s unique champagne colour offers a subtle pink undertone to really lighten a space and keep it fresh.

A modern trend on the rise. This gorgeous take on your standard nickel is more muted and toned down. However, in hand this creates a beautiful matte sheen across the tapware that works alongside neutral and wooden tones.

A unique colour designed by Meir, encompassing the sleek and sexy designs of Meir tapware and bathroom accessories. This deep finish offers brown & black undertones to create this special colour.

Your classic chrome. A tried and tested colour that defies time. This timeless finish works in all spaces and keeps things looking modern and bright.

How to Care for Your New Tapware

No build or renovation goes without unexpected problems; however, your tapware choices don't have to contribute to the list of things to worry about. Our guarantee means that you can focus on doing the things in life that matter most and never have to worry about your tapware. However, with a few common household problems arising out of incorrectly caring for your tapware, read along to learn how to best combat these issues and keep your tapware long lasting & fresh!


Unfortunately, this is a pretty tough one to avoid as all tap water will contain trace amounts of minerals that are completely harmless to us, however can lead to a build up of limescale around your tapware and wastes.

To remove limescale, simply soak a microfibre cloth in warm water before gently wiping away at the build up. If you find there are some trickier spots, you may use a natural citric acid spray - however, this should be applied to the cloth again, and not directly onto your tapware. Once the solution breaks down what is left, simply wipe again with another damp cloth before drying.

Disrupted shower flow?

Again, limescale comes into play in this event, whereby a build up of deposits can cause the flow of your shower to become blocked. To fix this, simply remove the aerator from your shower and soak it in a warm solution of water and natural citric acid to dissolve any build-up. Once clean, run the aerator through normal tap water before returning it to your shower.

Cleaning with Meir’s Lifetime Warranty

To keep your tapware looking brand new, ensure you carefully follow the cleaning and aftercare guidelines. Did we mention Meir offer a lifetime warranty with their tapware when correctly cared for? Should you use incorrect techniques or harmful products, this can lead to premature corrosion, and ultimately void your warranty. To ensure your tapware meets all the criteria should anything unusual happen, adhere to these 3 tiger bronze rules:

1. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean these products, such as scorers

2. Do not use harsh cleaning products such as tile cleaner, vinegar and drain cleaner, or cleaners with high pH levels, such as ammonia and bleach.

3. Do not use any cleaning products that contain microparticles as they can also be highly abrasive

Shop the entire Meir collection today with confidence.

For more information on Meir’s amazing lifetime warranty, please visit:

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