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How to choose your interior handles

Consider the functionality (privacy, passage, dummy, cabinet)

Select your style (lever or knobs)

Consider colour and finishings

How to choose your exterior handles

Consider the functionality (pull handles, smart locks, entrance set, sliding doors)

Consider your security requirement (deadbolt, digital locks, mortise locks)

Consider colour and finishings


Door Handles

  • Lane Grande Electronic Gateway White - The Blue Space

    Lane Grande Electronic Gateway White

    Provides remote access through securing the range of Lane Grande smart locks to your home WiFi. Works with Lane Grande Smart Lock Range App ca...

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  • $179

    Delf Smart Home G2 Gateway White

    Controlling the DDL120 from remote locations requires integration to your home Wi-Fi network with this 10DDGWAY Delf Smart Home G2 Gateway White...

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  • Lockwood Yale Smart Keypad Black online at The Blue Space

    Yale Smart Keypad Black

    Compatible with Yale Unity Series Connects to your Yale access app to tell you who comes and goes from your property Enter up to 220 user PIN cod...

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  • Lockwood Yale Connect Bridge - Front Security Door Accessories online at The Blue Space

    Yale Connect Bridge

    Bridge allows you Remote access your Yale Unity Entrance Lock and voice assistant compatible The Yale Connect Bridge allows you remotely access ...

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  • Lockwood Yale Digital Access Kit with Connect Bridge and Module online at The Blue Space

    Yale Digital Access Kit with Connect Bridge and Module

    The Yale Access Kit allows users with an Assure series lock to utilise the functions and features of the Yale Access App The Yale Access App allo...

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Internal Door Handles


Non turning and non locking, primarily used for closets


Non-locking, primarily used for lounge rooms and laundries


Locks, primarily used for bathrooms and bedrooms


Fixed handles, primarily used for drawers and cupboards

External Door Handles

Entrance Set

Keyed with single cylinders

Pull Handle

Designer front door handles


Smart security for your front door

Door Handle Buying Guide

Download our Door Handle Buying Guide for all information required to make an informed choice when purchasing your door handles.

Door Handles

Find a wide range of door handles, cabinet handles, and door hardware online. Shop from a wide range of shapes, styles, and designs. Choose your function from either passage, privacy, or dummy for your interior doors or exterior doors. Choose from leading brands in the industry including Lockwood, Lane, and Delf.

Passage Door Handles

Passage door handles are the handle that allows you to pass from one room to another with no locks. A passage door handle is most commonly used for bedrooms, walk-in pantries, and walk-in linen closets, and walk-in wardrobes. 

Privacy Door Handles

Privacy door handles provide you with privacy in a specific room. Most commonly used for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is important to note that a privacy door handle only provides privacy, but not security.

Dummy Door Handles

Dummy door handles act as a simple push and pull handle. Most commonly used for linen closets and wardrobes. A dummy door handle does not move up or down, and does not lock.


Deadbolts are a locking mechanism that provides one of the highest levels of security for the home. Deadbolts come in a single and double cylinder mechanism. A single cylinder has the key-lock function on the outside of the only, and the inside will be a turn-lock. A double cylinder has the key-lock function on both sides for ultimate security. 

Smart Security Door Locks

Smart locks are an option for a keyless entry. Most smart locks can connect to your home's Wi-Fi and bluetooth and are easy to lock and unlock by using a touchscreen pin code, or the lock's mobile app. A smart security can be locked or unlocked from anywhere you are, even anywhere in the world when connected to the Wi-Fi.