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Choosing your Perfect Laundry Taps

Let’s face it, the laundry isn’t most people’s favourite place, so why not spruce it up with a quick makeover? Upgrading your laundry taps is a simple but effective way to make the room a little more enjoyable while you complete your daily chores. As a trusted name in the industry for over twenty years, we know every laundry looks different and so we stock a wide range of laundry tapware to suit every lifestyle.

Longevity is essential and often redecorating other rooms may take more of a priority. This is why we only stock premium quality laundry tapware with timeless designs, so you can set it and forget it. With an overwhelming variety of laundry tapware to choose from, it can be tempting to simply choose the first tap that meets your basic needs. However, it’s important to take your time and consider factors like shape, size, finish and mounting preferences before you commit to your purchase.

Designed with you in mind

Who said your laundry can’t have the same sleek, matte black spout as your kitchen, or match the gunmetal handles in your bathroom? Although, it is worth noting that you might want to consider opting for materials that are more heavy duty and that won’t get scratched during cleaning.

Our laundry tapware comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose a reliable yet sophisticated style to complement any decor. You shouldn’t have to just settle, and with The Blue Space you are guaranteed to find a design that ties in seamlessly with your appliances, furniture and cupboard doors so you can achieve a completely cohesive aesthetic. From contemporary, minimalist tapware with sleek, clean lines to charming, ornate laundry taps for a more old-world look, you can trust that we’ve got you covered.

The new way to use your laundry

We believe that the right laundry taps can not only spice up your space but add convenience to your routine. So why not make things easier for yourself and do it with style? Functionality is a major factor when investing in new laundry tapware so before you buy, it’s important to reflect on what your laundry is used for.

Is it a space for folding and sorting clothes? Save space with a swivel arm mixer. Will you be washing your dog in the sink? Make sure you choose a taller spout so your furry friend can fit underneath or consider an easy-to-manoeuvre, extendable nozzle for a thorough clean. Is your laundry a room people pass through to access the bathroom? In this case, opt for a subtle, sleek look to disguise the space and make it multi-functional.

We stock five different types of laundry tapware; Standard, Pullout/Pulldown, 3 Piece, Washing Machine and our Spout Only range.

  • Standard Range  Our largest range, which features both contemporary and old school taps that will stand the test of time. Many of our laundry taps in this range feature 360° swivel rotation, which is crucial as laundry   are typically quite large.
  • Pullout/Pulldown Range  This range features laundry tapware that has built-in flexible hoses. Their extendable, pull-out nozzles are perfect for washing pets or watering plants.
  • 3 Piece Range  Dual laundry taps have separate hot and cold water handles and a matching spout and because of this, are thought to be more eco-friendly and cut down on water usage.
  • Washing Machine Range  Laundry washing machine taps connect directly into your washing machine and don’t have a spout. Most of ours are made of chrome-plated brass for a durable finish.
  • Spout Only Range – For ultimate customisation, we also sell spouts separately so you can mix and match with the handles of your choice.

Australia-wide deliveries

Have your order delivered to your door. You know we believe in our products because of our exceptional warranties and we keep full records of every sale to make the process easier. Shop today and discover our huge range of laundry tapware from big name brands to suit all budgets.

What makes a good quality laundry tap?

If you’ve spent thousands on renovations and are tempted to cut costs by opting for a cheaper tap, think twice. A poor quality tap can undermine the overall look of a new laundry and mean that you end up compromising on functionality. If you invest in a higher quality tap, you’ll be paying for better design, longer warranties, additional functionally, and most importantly, longer lifespan. When searching for the perfect laundry tapware, it’s important to pay attention to the material it’s made of. One quick way to tell if a tap is of high quality is by inspecting its weight, a high-end piece should be heavy and solid.

What size are washing machine taps?

The size of most laundry washing machine taps or "stops" measure around 20 to 27 mm. However, the size should be calculated according to your chosen installation. The mounting position of your laundry washing machine taps won’t just impact stylistic choices but will have a huge effect in terms of size. Wall-mounted taps are located above the sink whereas bench-mounted taps are attached directly to the sink or countertop.

How can I hide my laundry taps?

Often you can hide your washing machine taps by storing them in cupboards and under benches. Do this with cords and power points too for an ultra sleek, streamlined look. However, if this isn’t possible, it’s not the end of the world. As previously mentioned, exposed laundry tapware can really enhance the whole room so don’t be afraid to show it off!

Have questions? Get in touch with us and talk to an expert by calling our Customer Experience team today.