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Radiant In Screed Under Floor Heating Kit

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Current price $408
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  • Asthma + allergy friendly
  • Touch Screen Display - vertical (portrait) orientation.
  • Economical to run
  • No heat lamps means exhaust fans can be placed over showers
  • Temperature control
  • A dry floor means less mould
  • On demand
  • Danish manufactured cable means quality and reliability
  • Cable guaranteed for 10 years


In-screed heating is the popular choice for living areas that are having a sand and cement screed to level up the floor, prior to laying large format, rectified or stone tiles. With this system the heating cables are fixed to the slab prior to screeding and then are fully protected during the tiling process. Because the cables are fixed to the concrete, with its thermal mass, this also acts in a similar way to in-slab heating, but with the cables slightly closer to the surface

In Screed heating is also the popular choice in bathrooms in states where the floors are screeded (WA, SA, NSW, QLD) in Victoria and Tasmania where bathrooms are generally not screeded, under-tile is the system of choice

For bathrooms the system can be supplied prespaced on mats, or as loose cable on a drum to suit the space and preferred installation method by the  Installer.

Where possible installing a thin Thermasheet insulating board below the screed with reduce the downward heat loss and improve warm-up times – this is ideal in a bathroom where the heating is generally only needed for shorter periods of time.

DIY Floor Heating Kits
DIY Floor Heating kits are a great option if you are renovating a bathroom or a room which is going to be screeded or tiled(see Related Products below). This option will save you the installation costs and using our detailed instructions you will have this installed in no time.

In-Screed Floor Heating Kit
Our Australian first product of in-screed cable pre-attached to a mat in a similar fashion to the Under Tile Kit, provides an easy way of laying the floor heating cable in-screed. This unique product removes a lot of the hassle of installing in-screed heating cable as it is pre-spaced on the mat.

Planning A DIY Installation
When calculating the size of the mat you require for your project, you need to calculate ONLY THE FREE FLOOR SPACE in the room you are heating. For example in a bathroom you would generally exclude the toilet, bath, shower and vanity unit. Also when planning your installation bear in mind that the cable mat is 500mm wide so when planning how you will layout the mat, work in 500mm strips.
Cable Alarm
Included in your kit is a cable alarm. Connect and
switch on the cable alarm prior to tiling or covering
with self-levelling screed. The cable alarm must
be turned on at all times when tiling or when any
other trades are working in the room.

What's In The Box

  • Floor Heating Cable (attached to an adhesive mat)
  • Digital Touchscreen Thermostat
  • Floor Heating Sensor
  • Cable Alarm (for testing)
  • High Tack Woven Cloth Tape
  • Detailed Installation Instructions