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Light Layering 101

When designing any blue space, it is important to create a warm, inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. Layering lights (when done well), will maximise the appearance and functionality of a room whilst creating the perfect ambience.

Light Layering in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home, it is where we recount our days and relay cherished stories. it is also where we handle the most dangerous items in the house. light layering is important in the kitchen when cooking, chopping, and cutting.

A few of our tips include:

  • Task lighting is very important in the kitchen – it can ensure safe chopping, eliminating the creation of shadows.
  • Ambient lighting sets the scene for after dinner conversation
  • Controlling different light sources separately helps to create the perfect light for the right atmosphere and time of day
  • LEDS provide an efficient light that is ideal for under cabinet lighting
  • Pendant lights are the ultimate accessory to any dining table. they can create a dining ambience. ensure the light rests a minimum of 80cm above the table or bench.

Light Layering in the Bathroom

It is where we begin and end the day. Provides an opportunity to blend both function and style. The concept of light layering is particularly applicable when aiming to create the right atmosphere, as it is a multifunctional area. personal grooming requires good task lighting, creating a private retreat requires lighting that radiates a sense of calm.

A few of our tips include:

  • Shower heads with inbuilt lights
  • Spa and pamper pendants are a great way to update any old bathroom
  • Sensor controlled lighting is a helpful way to ensure a quick and safe visit to the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • Select products with a suitable water proof rating, also known as an IP rating.

Three layers of lighting to consider:

Ambient Lighting is the base level of lighting. Instantly makes any room appear more inviting and welcoming .

Task Lighting provides a direct source of light for every day activities. essential for reading, cooking, completing assignments, playing games or getting ready for the day ahead.

Accent Lighting is perfect for drawing the eye to items within a room or can be used to highlight architectural design elements.

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