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The Block 2023 | Kids Bedrooms | Winners Steph & Gian

Kids Bedroom Reveals

A triumphant win for Steph and Gian on The Block.

Transform your kids bedrooms

Japandi Elegance in Kids Bedrooms

The room boasted a subtle colour palette, impeccable pendant lights, a bedhead emblematic of Japandi aesthetics, and a swing chair, culminating in what the judges deemed the best-styled room of the build. Steph and Gian perfectly executed the children's rooms this week, presenting rooms with a blend of soul, superb functionality, and brilliant versatility, thanks to ample storage and pinpoint styling.

Cultivating Sophistication


The duo captivated the judges, intertwining a beautiful color palette and gentle styling with the sustained Japandi theme in the children’s bedrooms, melding whimsy with sophistication. In search of the ideal nursery and kids' bedroom paint finish? Browse the complete collection here.

Wardrobe Wonders


Steph and Gian opted for built-in wardrobes, combining a timber finish with leather handles, showcasing a subtle, yet stunning, storage solution. Discover our extensive range of wardrobe hardware and recreate this aesthetic with either leather or traditional metal finishes.

Luminous Lighting


Ensuring a well-illuminated, vibrant children’s room, the pair integrated ample lighting through downlights, striking pendant light clusters, and sheer curtains. The natural light gracefully enhances the Japandi-inspired space, while the pendants offer a timeless appearance that augments without overpowering the room.

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Anticipate Next Week's Unveilings!

Join us again next week as we explore the final bathroom challenges faced by the contestants!
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