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What is a Rimless Toilet and what are the best brands?

What you need to know about
Rimless Toilets

A rimless toilet doesn’t have the rim design that is found on a traditional toilet pan. The flushing system shoots the flushed water towards the edge and around the toilet bowl. This clever design leaves no spot unflushed!

How does it differ from a Traditional Toilet?

In traditional toilets, the inner pan is surrounded by a rim, and when you flush, water is distributed from underneath the rim to flush away waste. On the other hand, rimless toilets don't require a rim because their flushing system distributes water all the way around the pan.

The simplicity of cleaning that a rimless toilet offers is a huge benefit. You can make contact with the entire inner bowl because it lacks a rim. Waste is always flushed down completely because there are no hidden crevices or cracks. This encourages improved health and hygiene.

Because of the way the water is swirled around the bowl during flushing, rimless toilets use less water than conventional toilets.


Are there disadvantages to a Rimless Toilet?

Some people mention that rimless toilets have a tendency to cause splashback. You might have water and other things splashing over the side of the toilet if the flush flow valve is not positioned correctly. The toilet must be installed properly by a certified Plumber in order to prevent this from happening.

Here at The Blue Space, we have seen plenty of positive feedback from customers on our range of rimless toilets. Customers love the no-fuss, easy to clean toilet bowls as well as the cost savings associated with using less water.

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What types of Rimless Toilets are there?

Rimless toilets look the same as regular toilets from the outside. The inner bowl is where the distinction can be seen because of the different flushing system. Rimless toilets come in a few different varieties.

Here at The Blue Space, we have the best range of rimless toilets in Australia, including:

  • Rimless Wall Hung Toilets
  • Rimless Back To Wall Toilets
  • Rimless Close Coupled Toilets

What are the top brands of Rimless Toilet?

Top rimless toilet suite brands include Caroma, Decina, Indigo, Geberit, Lafeme & Studio Bagno.

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As you can see, getting a rimless toilet for your new bathroom is a no brainer! From the fantastic design features, the ease of cleaning, the environmental and economical benefits of saving water and the choices available - they make a very compelling case for themselves. Get in touch with us today so we can help you find your perfect Rimless Toilet Suite!

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