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Master Bathroom Reno Tips

Master Bathroom
Reno Tips


Whether you are planning master bathroom renovations to increase your home’s value or to take more luxurious baths, it’s something that needs lots of planning. Bathroom renovations are exciting but nerve racking if unplanned. So here are some tips to help you start with your renovations.


1. Deadlines


If there’s any deadline to complete the renovations, you have to carefully plan it and decide which tasks you can realistically DIY, and what work has to be hired out.


2. List of Work


It’s important that you list what you plan to do like changing tiles, fixtures or cabinets and adding an additional sink or standalone shower. The list not only helps you plan your renovations, but also helps with budgeting.


3. Look for Inspo


Create a Pinterest board to collect all the attractive ideas you come across. It could be pictures of different colored lights for the walls and floor or a picture of a drop-in tub. The more pictures you take a look at, the more inspiration you derive.


4. Budget


Don’t forget to make a budget to ensure you can afford all the fixtures, cabinets and accessories you plan to use.


5. Special Orders


While most bathroom accessories are available online, you may have to special order some things like glass shower enclosures and shower faucets. So order them well in advance.


6. Outlets


Inform the electrician and plumber about where, and if you want to install sconces, heated towel bars, lighted mirrors and even built-in showers to help them plan your bathroom layout accordingly.


7. Choose the right help


It’s not practical or feasible to renovate your master bathroom on your own. You need to find the right team of electricians and plumbers to carry it out. Choose the more experienced and affordable specialists. Ask friends and family who have recently renovated their bathrooms for suggestions. Better yet, contact our team of interior designers to help get you started!


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