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5 Ways to add value to your next bathroom reno

5 Ways to add value to your next bathroom reno

Add Value to your home


If you’re wondering what is the best way to add value to your house, a bathroom renovation is a great place to start! Bathroom renos are widely considered to increase the value of a home significantly, with homeowner renovators estimating they have added thousands to the overall value of their house from a simple bathroom upgrade.

As a guide, it is said that 10%-20% of your total renovation budget should be allocated to your bathroom, as this is the room where buyers really see value. (in Australia, a bathroom renovations estimated cost is anywhere between $8k-$30k)


How much will a new bathroom add to the value?
That depends exactly how much you’re willing to invest into your bathroom. If you’re eager to go for a complete bathroom renovation, then here are our top 5 tips for some bathroom home improvements to increase your value.

1. Complete Tile Off Renovation


If you’re looking for a more significant bathroom upgrade, consider a complete tiles off renovation. What is a tiles off renovation? It is when you rip out the entire bathroom and start from scratch. You have the opportunity to change the entire layout and update the room with brand new tiles and fittings.

Changing the shape, colour, size and design of your tiles can improve the functionality of your bathroom, whilst also bringing a defined style to the room.

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2. Find your style and stick to it


It’s important to have a space that feels cohesive and well put together. Not sure what your style is? We’ve got you covered! Check out our carefully curated Style collections to help make shopping easier. Remember, whilst there are endless amounts of options when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the key is to keep in mind how the space makes you feel each time you enter it. Think about channeling the mood that you want your family and guests to have as they enter and exit the bathroom.

If you really don’t know where to start, our team of Interior Designers are here to help you through your renovation journey. Why not book a FREE Virtual Consultation with them today?

3. Underfloor heating & Thermorad wall panel


Nothing speaks luxury like the addition of Underfloor Heating and a Heated Wall Panel.

These divine heating options bring added comfort during colder months, along with helping to save you money in the long run as your space will be much more heat efficient.


4. Luxurious double shower and double vanity


The most luxurious homes in the world have a double shower and a double vanity. If you have the space, why not have both? A large, easy to navigate bathroom is the ultimate luxury. This will also appeal to more buyers, particularly those with larger families. (if you’re planning to sell).

Also, make sure you install water-efficient showerheads. These are a must!


5. Install a Smart Mirror


Smart mirrors are practical, luxurious and make getting ready for the day a breeze! How nice would it be to get ready in the comfort of your own home, whilst feeling like you’ve been transported to a salon. Smart mirrors have a dimmable function, which allows you to adjust the lighting to the level of your preference, and also have a built-in demister function so you can start your day with no delays! They’re easy to use and are activated by a touch sensor - what more could you want?


If you’re ready to beautify your existing bathroom, but aren’t prepared for the financial burden that may come with the cost of a complete bathroom renovation, then don’t worry - we have you covered too! We’ve taken the time to put together some easy bathroom updates that add value and won’t break the bank!

1. Tile on reno - Update your tapware & fixtures

By simply upgrading your bathroom tapware and accessories, your bathroom can instantly feel brand new. By keeping the same position of your vanity, toilet, shower, etc. you’ll save plenty of money, whilst also giving your bathroom the needed mini-facelift and update that it needs! Look at what your bathroom already has and decide what needs an update or what’s missing.


2. Update your existing bathroom vanity


Upgrading your bathroom vanity will revamp your existing space instantly. Bathroom vanities are a real focal point and a new design will instantly upgrade your bathroom. Opt for one with plenty of storage (or alternatively, buy a matching Storage Cabinet) to keep your bathroom feeling organised and uncluttered.


3. Update your toilet


Updating your existing toilet will instantly revamp your space and make it feel new, modern and clean. We have a huge range of toilets to choose from - whether you’re after a new, affordable toilet, a smart toilet or a popular Caroma Toilet there is one to suit every budget!


4. Install heated towel rails


Heated towel rails are easy to install, and will instantly add an element of luxury to your space. You can choose between Heated Towel Ladders, or Vertical Heated Towel rails depending on how much space you have. Who wouldn’t love to step out of the shower and into a cosy, warm towel? Why not install a timer while you're at it for that extra level of luxury.


5. Get the lighting and exhaust right


Light is essential in a bathroom. It’s important to make the space feel warm and provides a nice cosy glow. Check your lighting to see what you can do to update it and ultimately add value. Also make sure you have a Odour & Moisture Fan that works well - there’s nothing worse than a damp or mouldy bathroom!

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