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Bathroom Design Trends 2024

Bathroom Trends

Designers in 2024 are crafting bathrooms that transcend the mundane, offering a harmonious blend of functionality and artistic expression. I have seen so many beautifully curated renovation ideas coming to life in 2024, and it's so exciting!
Grace, Interior Designer, The Blue Space

The Hero Piece


Designers are embracing the concept of vanities and baths as hero pieces in bathroom design, recognising their pivotal role in shaping the overall aesthetic and functionality of these spaces. Vanities are no longer mere utilitarian fixtures; they have become exquisite focal points that anchor the design narrative. With a diverse range of materials, textures, and styles, vanities are chosen not just for their practicality but for their ability to elevate the visual appeal of the entire bathroom. Similarly, baths have evolved into sculptural elements, serving as luxurious centerpieces that redefine the bathing experience.

Curves, Grooves + Texture


Bathroom design is embracing a captivating blend of innovation and tactile aesthetics, with a prominent trend featuring curved vanities, grooved vanities, and basins, along with a focus on textured elements. Curved vanities bring a sense of fluidity and softness to bathroom spaces, replacing the traditional linear designs with organic shapes that evoke a contemporary and calming ambiance. Grooved vanities and basins add a touch of sophistication, introducing subtle yet eye-catching details that contribute to a sense of depth and refinement. Texture plays a pivotal role in this trend, with designers incorporating a variety of materials such as textured tiles, embossed surfaces, and natural stone finishes to create visually stimulating and tactile environments.

Mixed Metals


The trend of using mixed metals in bathroom design has gained significant popularity, with homeowners and designers embracing the concept of blending different coloured tapware with cabinet handles for a dynamic and visually striking effect. The juxtaposition of diverse metallic tones, such as brushed nickel taps paired with matte black cabinet handles or brass accents complementing chrome fixtures, creates a sophisticated and eclectic aesthetic. This trend not only allows for a personalised and creative touch but also introduces a sense of balance and contrast, adding a modern and luxurious dimension to bathroom interiors.

Statement Tiles


Statement tiles have emerged as a dominant trend in bathroom renovations, turning bathroom walls and floors into works of art. This trend is driven by a desire for individuality and a departure from traditional, neutral aesthetics. Homeowners are increasingly drawn to the idea of expressing their unique tastes through these eye-catching tiles, turning bathrooms into personalised retreats that reflect their personality and design sensibilities. The versatility of statement tiles allows for endless creative possibilities, making them a key element in the contemporary bathroom landscape of 2024.

Smart Toilets


Smart toilets are rapidly emerging as a trend in bathroom renovations, transforming traditional lavatories into technologically advanced and efficient spaces. These innovative fixtures offer a plethora of features, such as automated flushing, adjustable water temperature, customisable bidet settings, and even integrated heating for added comfort. With the rise of smart home technology, homeowners are increasingly seeking connected solutions, and the bathroom is no exception. Smart toilets not only enhance hygiene and convenience but also contribute to sustainability efforts through features like water-saving flush mechanisms.

Accent Lighting


Gone are the days of stark, overhead lighting; instead, homeowners and designers alike are opting for strategically placed wall lights or illuminated mirrors to create a warm and inviting ambiance. These fixtures not only provide practical illumination but also serve as decorative elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Whether in the form of wall sconces or subtle LED strips embedded into tiles, wall lights are seamlessly integrated into the design, offering both style and functionality. The trend highlights a shift towards personalised and sophisticated bathroom environments, where lighting plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall experience.

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