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Create a luxurious Bathroom Space

Create a
Luxurious Bathroom Space

There is nothing quite as relaxing as the luxurious look and feel of hotel bathrooms or spas. The entire atmosphere is soothing and serene, even if the décor is quite simple. Adding some of that luxurious feel to your own bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean a complicated and costly remodelling project. You can create a more luxurious, relaxing bathroom with a few minor, and relatively inexpensive, touches that you can add yourself.

Paint & Tiles


The first step toward giving your bathroom a more serene, luxurious look is giving it a new coat of paint. Choose soothing colors such as earth tones & neutral colours that allow you to add the accent colors of your choice. Outdated cabinets can also be refreshed simply by painting them.

Tiles are another great option for adding that touch of luxe. Opt for a feature tile, earthy tones or a colour that calms your soul.




One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to explore the many types of lighting and tapware The Blue Space has to offer. Replace old, worn bathroom taps with a sleek new look and perhaps exchange your standard shower head with a raindrop showerhead such as many spas use. Even if you don’t replace your bathtub or sink, new fixtures can give them a more luxurious, updated sense of style.




Don’t just rely on hardware to change the look of your bathroom. The right accessories can make your bathroom feel more luxurious with minimal effort on your part. Items such as new towel bars (complete with soft, fluffy towels), a new shower curtain, and perhaps even a new shaving cabinet can give your bathroom a much needed boost. For a spa-like feel, wicker or bamboo accessories and a moisture loving plant can lend that touch of nature that can be found in many of the most popular spas.


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