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The Block 22 | Master Bedroom | Winners, Tom & Sarah-Jane

Master Bedroom & Walk-In Robe Week

Another week down on Channel 9’s The Block!

This time the teams tackled their main bedrooms and walk-in robes to go along with last week’s ensuites. Showcasing continuity and harmony throughout the home with styling choices, Tom & Sarah-Jane took the cake as the Main Bedroom winners!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Tom & Sarah-Jane: Luxe Living

Despite having the smallest bedroom, Tom & Sarah-Jane proved that size does not always matter! The couple opted for large furniture to fill the space, and took advantage of their high ceilings with gorgeous pendant lighting, sheer curtains & a stunning feature wall. Continue reading to find out how to create your very own luxury bedroom & walk-in robe.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Door Handles

With a stunning walk in robe comes stunning wardrobe handles. Tom & Sarah-Jane chose a wardrobe layout that favoured hanging space and open shelves. To complete the look, the couple opted for gorgeous brushed brass pull handles as an entryway to their impressive ensuite. For continuity, the main doorways also use brushed brass levers and door stops - an elegant and considered touch.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Lighting & Space

To light up this space, Tom & Sarah-Jane opted for an impressive pendant light. Pendant lighting is the perfect luxury solution for the bedroom, especially when positioned centre over the bed. In addition to this, the couple utilised cabinet lighting throughout their walk-in robe, creating an expensive feeling to the space. Partnered with their gorgeous mirror, this room feels luxe and larger than it really is thanks to their manipulation of space.

Stay Up To Date Next Week

Another huge week is on its way, with the contestants completing their second guest bedroom and an esuite! Shop the look each week as we follow alongside The Block’s latest season.  

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

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