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Freestanding baths, helping mothers escape their children since 2014

While a stunning freestanding bath was once seen as luxury item, and does require adequate room space to best accommodate it, more and more new homes are coming standard with freestanding baths — and for good reason.

Firstly, they look great and are a stand-out feature in any bathroom — this is an excellent selling point as well, because as we know, bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Freestanding baths also give you flexibility to move your bath around your bathroom layout, and to reconfigure the look of your whole bathroom.

Mums and dads of little kids will know the joy (and necessity) of escaping for some “me” time, and a freestanding bath is perfect for this. Imagine after the kids are in bed, shutting the bathroom door, filling up the bath, lighting some fragrant candles — and digging out those bath bombs hidden at the back of the cupboard away from prying little stubby fingers — then filling up the inflatable bath pillow and soaking into a steaming hot tub with no tiny dictators making demands on you! Sounds ideal, right?! (Ok, so we want to do this RIGHT NOW)

A freestanding bath, while usually fitting in the same amount of space as a traditional built-in bath usually has a larger inside area, meaning that deep, soaking experience is much more relaxing due to better depth and space. Also, while a traditional bath needs to be ‘built in’ — often meaning a plumber sets it in, then a tiler tiles over it, then a bathroom is ‘fitted out’ — a freestanding bath can be installed last, once the tiles and other fittings have been put in, which often reduces the chance of it being damaged by multiple trades traipsing in and out.

Freestanding baths are also great for bathing children, since you can have access to the bath from all sides. You can also buy freestanding baths with an in-built shelf for bath toys and soap etc, or you can have it installed near a wall that has a long bath niche or recessed shelf built-in so soap and shampoos are readily accessible but still tucked away, so your bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.

There are some downsides to freestanding baths — not many, in our book — but they can have more hidden spots (since all sides are visible, not being built into the side of a wall) so can be harder to clean. This is where back to wall freestanding baths come in, the latest trend in baths, gives you the best of both worlds!

Check out some of our favourites:

For freestanding bath ideas, head to Pinterest – The Blue Space.

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