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Most Popular Toilets For Sale In Australia

You might as well be comfortable...

Comfort, hygiene, and style are the top three things to look for in any toilet suite. Here are our suggestions.

"Rimless will be the standard in toilet design..."

1. Wall Faced Toilet Suites

Most people look for both quality and style when selecting a toilet making wall faced toilets by far the most popular toilets for sale in Australia, also known as back to wall toilets. Featuring a seamless line between the toilet and wall, these will not only look stunning in your bathroom renovation but also have less holes and curves for dirt and grime to hide.

2. Compact + Behind the Wall

For a more minimalist, compact look behind the wall toilet suites (also known as in wall or concealed toilet) are popular. The great thing about these toilets are they feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom. Choose from a range of quality toilet buttons to suit your style and if you are worried about the future serviceability, don’t be. They have been engineered to access everything a plumber needs from the button panel.

Our Top Picks:

3. Rimless!

The latest must-have toilet technology is Rimless! That's right, the rim of the bowl has been removed, meaning it is now more hygienic and easier to clean. Check out our rimless toilets range.

Our Top Picks:

4. Smart Toilets and Bidets

Often seen throughout Europe, this style of suite is becoming overwhelmingly popular in Australian households. With self cleaning nozzles and temperature control, our range of smart toilets and bidets will leave you feeling fresh and hygienic.

Our Top Picks:

Add instant value to your home by installing a quality, trusted brand name toilet from Caroma, Decina, Seima, Clark, Gallaria or Studio Bagno that has been engineered for Australian plumbing standards and come with amazing warranties.

5 things to know before buying your toilet

The most popular toilet suite today...

Caroma Urbane II Cleanflush Wall Faced Toilet Suite

  • Minimal design with a raised height pan, and a brand new sleek, slim toilet seat
  • GermGard® antimicrobial protection toilet seat to ensure the cleanest clean
  • Easy care height pan makes it easier to get on and off the toilet. Great for older people or those with mobility issues
  • Caroma Cleanflush™ is a superior rimless flushing system that's easy to clean

Match your toilet hardware to your tapware

Other Popular Toilets for Sale

Shop Fienza RAK Washington Close-Coupled Toilet Suite Online at The Blue Space

Decina Renee Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite - The Blue Space

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