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The Block 22 | Guest Bedroom | Winners, Ankur & Sharon

Guest Bedroom Week

We’re back and this week we’re focussing on everything in the bedroom!

After another fantastic week of room reveals on Channel 9’s The Block, we are looking into this season’s winning guest bedroom - courtesy of Ankur & Sharon.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Ankur & Sharon: Light & Bright Heritage

This week’s room reveal saw Ankur & Sharon take the cake with their luxe take on a heritage-style bedroom with a classic, creamy colour palette. Complimenting the nods to the original space including a gorgeous fireplace, leather detailings & sheer curtains, the judges applauded this room for its thoughtful touches and light feeling. Recreate this winning look with help from The Blue Space today!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock


Drawing one’s eyes up to the ceiling and creating the overall ambience of a room, lighting is integral to the overall design and look of a space. Here at The Blue Space, we offer a range of designer lights, ranging from pendants to wall lights, all with their own special finish to complete your room. To recreate this heritage look, check out the below range of pendant lights sure to impress. For that extra layer of light, don’t forget the use of downlights either!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock


For that extra luxe finish, the perfect mirror is waiting for you! Adding mirrors to your bedroom is the best way to create space and light. With a variety of mirror options available, Ankur & Sharon opted for the perfect solution. A decorative mirror above the fireplace to create space & light, as well as a full-length mirror hidden in the wardrobe - perfect for checking your outfit before heading out for the day. Check out our suggested bedroom mirrors below to finish your space.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Wardrobe Handles

Loving those glorious wardrobes? Thanks to The Blue Space, we have created a carefully curated collection of wardrobe handles perfect for your next bedroom renovation. However, to recreate this heritage-inspired look, opt for leather loop handles, or a range of antique-styled handles. Looking to update your bedside table handles too? View our suggested cabinet handles, perfect for a luxe heritage space - flawless against a dark wood cabinet.

Coming Next Week

See our recommended products to recreate this look, alongside the perfect styling pieces to tie everything together. Stay up to date with the latest product recommendations as we gear up for another week of room reveals - Ensuite Bathrooms coming soon!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

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