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Turner Hastings: The Perfect Farmhouse Sink

Make a Statement with
Turner Hastings

With the rising popularity of farmhouse chic, a Turner Hastings sink is the perfect solution for your next renovation job. Continue reading to find out why a Turner Hastings Butlers Sink makes the perfect choice, and how to style it.

Why a Butlers Sink?

To start, Turner Hastings Butler Sinks are made from a fireclay material of which is one of the most hygenic choices when it comes to designing a sink. Better yet, the process of tempering fireclay results in a more durable sink compared to standard ceramic. This means the sink will also have a higher hot and cold temperature tolerance while being highly stain & scratch resistant.

A Butlers Sink for
Every Room

How to Style a Butlers Sink?

Styling around your new Butlers Sink is a simple task. Opt for a more nostalgic or classic tapware to compliment the rustic chicness that a Butlers Sink offers. Wanting to make the look a bit more modern? Pair back with brushed brass or matte black tapware to create a statement around this area. This combo is perfect for either a laundry or kitchen.

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