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Why Choose Eglo Ceiling Fans?

Energy Saving

EGLO ceiling fans are more than stylish additions to your home, they are also an environmentally friendly way to save money and energy.

Ceiling fans provide a downward airflow which can make it feel up to 8 degrees cooler when used in conjunction with an air conditioner.

In reverse mode, Eglo fans gently draw warmer air down from ceiling level and balance the room temperature.

Reliability & Quality

All Eglo motors are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components, providing years of reliable and dependable operation, every day, year after year.

Eglo's long life motor features; Up to 70% less energy use, Light weight for easy installation, Multi speed control, timer, natural breeze, tri-colour LED light and more!

Whisper Quiet Operation

Ever been kept awake by a noisy fan in the middle of the night? Not with Eglo!

The Eglo fans have been designed to be whisper quiet, meaning they are the perfect choice for your bedrooms, living areas and offices.

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