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How to Set Up Your Outdoor Area for Christmas Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining Areas Ideas

There’s nothing better than hosting a garden soiree with your friends and family when the weather is warm! This article will detail the simplest ways to spruce up your outdoor area and plan a memorable day, just in time for the festive season.

So much to do, so little time! No, not really. Read along to find out more about our favourite quick hacks to have your outdoor entertaining area ready for this festive season!

Mow the Lawn & Trim Hedges

While this might seem like a simple one, it can make all the difference. Ensure you mow your lawn a day or two prior to your event so that the unsettled leaves, grass or debris can be disposed of appropriately. Cleaning up around your yard prior to your event removes the stress of last minute tasks and will ensure no loose leaves or grass interfere with your day - especially those who are prone to hayfever or grass allergies!

Keep Bugs Away

With a few different ways to tackle this one, we strongly recommend doing it! Keeping bugs such as flies or mosquitos at bay is a fantastic way to keep your party going long into the night without any interruptions. Effective tools include flyscreens, citronella candles and a failsafe bug repellent on hand. Another trick we’ve learnt is the installation of outdoor fans! The circulation is fantastic at deterring insects as well as providing ample air filtration and keeping things cool. Shop from a range of ceiling fans online today at The Blue Space that are functional and stylish.

Choose a Lighting Source

Now we all love a long lunch and know that these can go well into the night, therefore, it is integral that you have your lighting solutions ready to go once the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting can vary depending on its use. Downlights are a fantastic addition to covered patios, while spotlights are perfect for larger areas that require a more direct light source. And of course, we cannot forget the inclusion of fairy lights to truely get into the Christmas spirit! Play with your outdoor lighting and install smart technology to bring you backyard to life!

Prepare your Outdoor Furniture

Time to get comfy! When it comes to the furniture, think practical and comfortable. While a plush lounge and daybed sounds great, this isn't the easiest thing to eat your Christmas lunch on. So, we recommend sourcing a nice seating arrangement or utilising furniture from your home for the day outside. Additionally, make different conversation areas so that smaller groups can break off when the night kicks on. An outdoor firepit is a luxury where available, however it definitely adds that extra touch of wowness that your guests will love!

Backyard Christmas decor can also elevate your area and will bring the whole event together. When it comes to Christmas decorations, the opportunities are endless! Opt for minimal Australiana themes or go big with classic red, white and green pieces to get the party started!

Decide on a Menu

Another step that needs to be planned in advance. We recommend planning your menu at least one week in advance to ensure you can account for all dietary requirements, as well as source the ingredients you will need. Alongside your menu, consider what beverages you will have available to your guests, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Planning in advance eliminates the stress of last-minute planning and organising, and can also remind you of anything you might've forgotten such as ice for the drinks!

Set Up Backyard Games

Looking for backyard xmas party ideas? Look no further than your classic backyard games! There are a whole range of games that can bring your guests together, from the tried and true backyard cricket, to some more unique games like giant chess! Set up a designated area for your guests to play and unwind after lunch, as well as a separate space for the kids to play so that it isn't too chaotic.

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