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The Block 2023 | Living and Dining | Winners Leah & Ash | The Blue Space

Our Top 3 Tips for a Great Living & Dining Space Inspired by The Block

Leah and Ash truly showcased their design prowess this Block Week, taking home the win with their innovative and compelling living and dining space. Following their lead, and drawing from the remarkable designs seen throughout the competition, here are our top three tips to guarantee your living and dining space will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

1. Elevate with Overlooking Eateries & Strategic Lighting:

  • The Visual Appeal: Leah and Ash's incorporation of overlooking eateries was a true game-changer. This design provides a visual depth to the space and will create a synergy between the kitchen, living, and dining areas when all three spaces are completed. The magic lies in complementing these spaces with the right lighting. Use pendant lights over the counters, or strategically placed floor lamps to accentuate and draw the eye.

2. Opt for Spacious Luxury with Perfect Paint & Flooring Choices:

  • Create Space with Smart Design Choices: Leah and Ash showed us how. Neutral and airy paint choices and beautiful timber flooring can dramatically open up a space. Think soft whites, light grays, and muted pastels for paint and warm timber flooring to transform your living and dining space, making them feel expansive and luxurious.
  • Incorporate Multi-functional Furniture: A sleek sideboard that's neutral in color or a dining table with hidden compartments – if they're in sync with the room's paint palette, the design flow becomes seamless.

3. Introduce Funky, Game-Changing Designs & Curtains:

  • Break the Mold: Bold designs, just like those Leah and Ash presented, are not to be overlooked. Whether it’s a quirky light fixture or a vibrant art piece, these elements can be the showstopper of your room. Complement these with curtains. Sheer drapes can add a soft, ethereal touch, while heavier, bold curtains can tie in the funky elements and offer a beautiful contrast.
  • Balance is Key: As you merge standout pieces and bold curtain choices, ensure harmony in the room. It’s about blending the modern with the timeless, ensuring your space feels both fresh and inviting.


In wrapping up, remember that your living and dining space should resonate with who you are. By integrating these elements – lighting, paint, and curtains – inspired by the feats of Leah and Ash and others on The Block, you're set to create a space that's both functional and stunningly designed. Happy decorating!

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