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10 Ideas to Maximise A Small Backyard Space

How to maximise your backyard space

Everyone loves a backyard space, but they are becoming smaller and smaller. This article is designed for people with small backyards or balconies who want to make the most of their outdoor space. Some example tips include, a small BBQ, a small benchtop and hanging small plants up to make the space homely.

10 Ideas to Maximise your Backyard Space

1. Find the right furniture (or get rid of it completely)

If you are working with a small backyard, it is important to find the right sized furniture. Depending on the area you have to work with, different styles of furniture will either crowd a space or compliment it. For example, an outdoor lounge can become overpowering and take up too much space. This is when we would suggest looking into two individual seats with a small table to use as a conversation area. This creates a separate space, while still offering seating solutions. Opt for weather proof furniture that will remain durable for years to come.

To compliment your furniture, include an outdoor fan under your patio to create an inviting backyard space. If you are working with a space that can quickly become overcrowded, consider removing outdoor furniture all together. By removing your furniture, you will free up space that may otherwise go unused.

2. Hang plants from the ceiling

While we love the inclusion of plants in pots or garden beds, they can quickly take over a lot of real estate. This is where making the most of your patio or balcony comes into play. We suggest hanging plants from the top of your patio or railing, as it will add layers to your outdoor area while also adding colour and freshness.

3. Get a Small, Mobile BBQ

A staple in all Australian backyards, a BBQ is the perfect entertaining feature no matter big or small. Small backyard BBQ area design ideas include the use of a mobile BBQ such as a Weber BBQ. These small, portable BBQs are fantastic ideas as they do not take up a lot of space, and can be moved in and out when it comes time to use them. These are also fantastic options to have as you can then take them with you to holiday homes, beaches or a friend's house. Not ready to invest in a BBQ? Consider a fire pit in a small backyard which can then double as a cooking spot! There are a range of small fire pits available that will suit your style and create separate conversation spaces once more.

4. Maximise Wall Space

Wondering how to make a small courtyard space look bigger? Utilise the infrastructure around you, including any supporting walls! This is a fantastic space to make use of, especially when hanging plants or mirrors. This will immediately free up spaces typically occupied, as well as add continual depth to your outdoor setting.

5. Use Mirrors to make the Space feel Bigger

As we have covered before, mirrors are a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space - and not just indoors! Outdoor mirrors are a perfect addition to any outdoor courtyard as it will play off any plants and lights positioned nearby.

6. Don’t over complicate it

To ensure your space does not become over cluttered or messy, we suggest taking things back to the beginning. Strip things back, and remove things that add unnecessary clutter such as pots, water fountains or storage units. Once you have a clean slate, you can see what space you have to work with, and how much space you can use. Add piece by piece to see what sort of room you have, and take anything out that instantly makes your space feel overwhelming.

7. Soothing backyard sounds

While not impacting the immediate space, sounds can have a big impact on the overall look & feel of your space. Vertical water fountains that can work alongside a wall or in the corner of your space work as a fantastic source of sound that can create a calming & unique feel. If your space is generally smaller, then a soothing backyard noise ensures you feel at peace and not overwhelmed.

8. Keep things moving with an Outdoor Fan

To keep your outdoor space feeling large and airy, utilise an outdoor ceiling fan. We love the inclusion of an outdoor fan in any undercover area as it instantly adds movement to a space and keeps things feeling light. Ceiling fans can be stylish and compact to ensure they do not overpower your space.

9. Light up your space

Outdoor lights are a fantastic way to add the feeling of space at nighttime. We particularly love the inclusion of downlights under patios, as well as outdoor garden lights that can change colour depending on the mood you wish to create.

10. Paint your outdoor area

To keep your small outdoor area feeling larger than it really is, outdoor paint is the perfect solution! To create the feeling of a light & bright space, opt for neutral colours on your trims, patio and outdoor walls. Outdoor paint is a fantastic way to give your home a facelift and create dimension.

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