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Traditional Style Bathroom Inspiration

Traditional Style Bathoom

A traditional bathroom is elegant, luxurious and, most importantly, timeless. To start, it's best to combine light, neutral walls with a simple, floor tile so you can build on your space from there. The key is to make a feature of original details as that will really help with the modern, traditional aesthetic. Also, a simple panelled wall with a feature bathroom window will work wonders for your space!

Chelmer Main Bathroom

This stunning spacious bathroom features the Vogue stone bath with it's beautiful contemporary style which, combined with the high standard of associated finishes throughout, makes this bathroom luxurious..

Leeton Main Bathroom

This main bathroom in Leeton incorporates a luxurious stone bath and has opened up the space by using the same tiles on the floor and walls.

Wall niches are both popular and a great use of storage for the bath and shower area.

The crystal chandelier and classic tapware adds focal points that complete the room with a touch of opulence.

Ningi Main Bathroom

Our client waited over 8 years to fix this 30 year old bathroom.

This bathroom features a frameless glass shower panel, floor tiles continuing up the wall to open the room and a recessed window nook. They have created a neutral coloured bathroom with directional lighting to create drama that makes this luxury bathroom truely exceptional.

Weston Main Bathroom

The original 1970s bathroom and separate toilet were each very small. Combining the two rooms, and the clever placement of a wall to create an open wet area, has really opened the room right up. As a result, the Luna stone bath has been allowed to feature.

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