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Back to RenoIQ – 10 great ways to make your bathroom look bigger

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spacious, open-planned bathroom, you probably wish your small space had more breathing room. Not to worry, you’re in luck! Here are 10 ingenious ways to make your small bathroom look bigger.

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#1 Light and bright

Try to avoid dark colours as they tend to absorb all of the light, resulting in a room appearing narrow. Victoria + Albert Baths agree, recommending to “…avoid dark walls with lighter tiles as this will give the illusion of a cut off space, making the room appear smaller. Opt for lighter colours, such as white, pastels or grays, which are light reflecting and give the illusion of a grander area. If you choose white, be sure to have some visual impact with a feature item at the end room to draw the eye, elongate the area and avoid leaving the room looking too sterile”. As well, keep the ceiling the same colour as the walls to help optimise the effect of a more spacious room.


#2 Choose furniture with storage

Making use of every inch of space is essential in a small bathroom. Storage becomes somewhat of a challenge in small bathrooms due to the lack of space. The trick is to be smart and get multipurpose accessories. Moreover, adding cabinets and shelves above the sink or toilet is a great use of unused vertical space.


#3 Natural light

Letting natural light into the bathroom is one of the best ways to create the feeling of a larger space. Natural light represents openness and helps reduce the feeling of being confined. Ideally, natural light can be achieved by extending the window to take up a larger proportion of your bathroom. This way, sunlight can freely enter the room and illuminate the entire area.



If you’re concerned about privacy, rather than installing bulky curtains “instead invest in frosted windows or sheer curtains to gently let the light in without jeopardising your privacy. Consider investing in blinds that retract into the window surrounds – these are discreet and won’t bulk out the space in your bathroom“ suggests Victoria + Albert Baths. Additionally, scattered LED lights in the ceiling will be more effective in evenly spreading light in your bathroom than having one light in the centre.


#4 Minimalism

Minimalism is especially important for small bathrooms. An overcrowded basin and shower area is bound to make your space smaller than it already is. For this reason, keep it simple and only keep what is necessary. A great idea is to purchase streamlined containers for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap, this helps you stick to only the essentials.

#5 Storage, storage and more storage

Baskets are a great way to organise and store any items you need in the bathroom. The best part about baskets is that they are movable and look great! Place baskets under the bathroom vanity to maximise this area to its full potential.



#6 Strategic mirror placement

Mirrors are the number one accessory to make an area appear larger than it really is. Installing a large mirror above the basin or bath is an ideal way to add dimension to a small bathroom. Another idea is to install a long mirror behind the bathroom door so that when the room is closed, you don’t feel enclosed and the room feels bigger.


#7 Extend floor tiles up the wall

It is common practice to tile the bathroom floor with different colours and patterns. However, making sections out of an already small space can make it look even smaller. A great trick is to extend floor tiles up one wall; this draws the eye upwards, tricking the mind to see a larger space.



#8 Recessed walls

When the overall space is limited, even the slightest bit of occupied space can cause it to look untidy and cramped. Products and appliances stored on top of benches are killers when it comes to small bathrooms. The simple trick here is recessed walls… “a built in shaver cabinet can often be recessed into your wall, giving you streamlined storage and the perfect height and position where you need it most” Josh Mammoliti the Managing Director of The Blue Space points out.


#9 Proper lighting fixtures

The right lighting fixtures can transform any place into something spectacular, and this is tried and tested. With small bathrooms, the ideal is to place lights behind the mirror and in recessed walls. Avoid hanging lights and protruded fixtures as this takes up some of the already limited space.


#10 Lose heavy shower curtains

Shower curtains cut off a space and make it appear smaller. Unless you absolutely require one, we say ditch it. If you’re after privacy, you can install (like the bathroom window) sheer curtains or frosted glass onto glass shower screens instead. 

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