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Storage, storage, storage

Storage. It’s often a key talking point in renovation shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia — and SHA’s Shayna Blaze has always been a stickler for adequate storage. It’s no surprise that she is 100 per cent on the money!

When embarking on a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation, matching your storage options with your lifestyle is critical. Not enough storage and your blue space will turn into a messy eyesore with hair straighteners, lotions, towels, and bath toys littering and cluttering up the space.

Don’t underestimate the amount of bathroom storage a couple will need, let alone a large family. Any nook or cranny needs to be crammed with storage solutions and there are creative ways to do it, like built-in shower recesses (a recessed shelf in the shower or shower ‘niche’) or behind the mirror storage. Picking the right vanity for your space is important too, make sure you pick one that suits the space and can maximise storage in the bathroom.

Your storage is also impacted by the type of basin you have (below the counter basins sit more into the vanity, which reduces storage), so this is also something to consider.

Kitchen storage is a crucial requirement and the right kitchen layout can make a huge difference. If you have the space, a walk-in pantry or Butler’s Pantry/prep room can be the perfect storage solution. A Butler’s Pantry can also serve as a place where any food prep can be hidden away, out of sight — especially handy for dinner parties and when guests wander into the kitchen!

Laundry storage needs are also at an all-time-high. Good-sized and well-designed cabinetry and shelving can give you much-needed space for laundry items like cleaning essentials, pet products and paraphernalia — if you have pets — plus other common laundry essentials like mops and brooms.

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