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Neutrals: The Key To A Stylish Renovation?

We all love a splash of colour now and then, but one of the biggest renovation trends has to be neutrals.

Not only are they timeless, easy to style, and of course; easy to clean! Neutrals are just some of the best colour palettes to add to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovation.


Choose light pops of colour to liven up your brand new kitchen space and accessorise those neutral shades. Soft-toned tapware such as chrome is favourable since it ties in well with the overall scheme of the kitchen. Don’t forget to bring in some texture with modern kitchen accessories as an addition to the space.


Take your bathroom to the next level with the help of some neutrals! This is an exciting option for smaller bathrooms and ensuites since they can make any room look large and spacious. Lighter floor and wall tiles in combination with white grout will also help.


Add some style to your laundry room with neutral shades which will help create a relaxing space. A neutral coat of paint on the walls with white floor tiles and and chrome tapware is the best way to make this trend liveable.

Shop online now from The Blue Space and make your dream kitchen, bathroom and laundry into a reality!

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