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Why clear bathroom windows can be a real pane

Nekkid. Birthday suit. Au naturel. Starkers. It’s how everyone gets in the bathroom. And unless you’re very proud to prance about in the altogether, then chances are, you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry able to peer into your bathroom windows.

That’s where window dressings come in. Often an afterthought, window dressings are a key part of any bathroom renovation. With increased housing density, windows often now overlook neighbouring houses in close proximity. The last thing you want is to be showering and glance through the window only to meet eyes with Bob, your friendly neighbour, to the shock of both of you. Neighbourly relations will never be the same! Keep it PG-rated and install frosted or textured glass so you don’t compromise the natural light source a window provides, but you still protect your privacy.

There are tired old types of thick frosted glass which compromise light in a bathroom (as well as just look plain ugly), so consider replacing them with new, sleek modern panes that while still textured to ensure privacy, can completely change the lighting in your bathroom, improving it significantly.

If your bathroom windows have a private aspect, for example, one against a fence or wall that ensures privacy, consider hanging a vertical garden on the fence/wall, and use normal transparent glass for your window pane. Since the window placement means you already have the all-important bathroom privacy you need, this is a clever way to invite nature into your bathroom. Instead of looking out onto a bleak, blank wall or fence, you have a beautiful view that increases the organic feel and relaxation in the room.

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