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Measuring for the right size Bathtub

Measuring is key for the right size bath

Have you been contemplating shopping for the baths luxury home magazines feature all the time? The stone baths luxury homeowners want are those that fit perfectly in their bathrooms. You can only end up with the right bathtub if you know your bathroom space well, and bathtub measurement is key.

If your bathtub is dated already, then you should prepare well before you replace it. It sounds silly, but one important thing that's often overlooked is to carefully measure the space. Once you have the right measurements, you can find the right tub.

Benefits of getting the right measurements

Save Money


If you get too excited and purchase your new tub without even measuring your bathroom space, you will only end up spending more. If the tub does not fit the space in your bathroom, your contractors would have to alter the bathroom so that it could fit. This can set you back more than you expect. Errors like this can be prevented by simply getting the correct measurements.

List of work


Finding the right measurements for your new tub keeps you from having the installation repeated a few times. It also prevents you from ordering baths more than one time. It is not practical to go through this hassle at all. Consider the limited time that you must devote to this project. Errors in measurement lengthen the duration of the project, eating up important working days and even gatherings. The right measurement for your bath tub erases all this.

No Frustration


The frustration of not having the bath tub or the bathroom can affect you more than expected. Your work and personal life may suffer if you do not get the right results for your bath tub project. Having the right bathtub measurements will keep you positive until the end of your project.

Bathtub Sizes


While there is not one official standard bathtub size Australia, baths tend to be between 1500mm and 1700mm long by 700mm to 750mm wide. There are also 1400mm options for small bathrooms and 1800mm to suit larger family bathrooms.

Measuring Up


If you're looking at a bathroom fitout or renovation that includes a bathtub, you will need your bathroom measurements in cm (or mm, which tends to be the drafting standard) as a start.

Once you plan out your bathroom design, you will be able to measure a space for your bathtub.

And Other Questions


How to measure bathtub drain size? Most baths use a standard 40mm waste. Please consult your licensed tradesman for advice and also read our article on Pop-Up and Pop-Down Wastes to save your future self heartache should a drain fail!

Are all bathtub taps the same size? The answer is definitely not! With the huge range of bathtub sizes comes a huge range of requirements around filling them. Take into consideration swivel spouts, how long the spout projection is, and if you want wall taps, a freestanding bath filler, or hob mounted tapware.

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