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Guide to Creating an Oasis with Outdoor Baths or Outdoor Showers

Create your tropical escape

Inspired by this week's episode of The Block, turn your backyard into a luxurious sanctuary, a true at-home retreat. Enhance the space with a touch of opulence and a resort-like vibe by incorporating an outdoor bath or shower. Create a haven for relaxation in your outdoor area, perfect for your forever home, a rental property, or an Airbnb listing. Don’t forget to elevate the ambiance and extend your enjoyment into the evening with thoughtful outdoor lighting and fans.

For outdoor baths and showers, we recommend speaking with a plumber or builder first to see if your space is capable of the plumbing that is required for an outdoor space, including the drainage system. You may also be required to check with your local council in case there are regulations around outdoor plumbing.

Outdoor bathtubs and outdoor bath ideas

Bathing outdoors creates a sense of calm and relaxation like no other. Being surrounded by nature and stillness is often the goal of a holiday meant for relaxing. Creating this type of space in your backyard is easier than you think with any freestanding bath. For a more luxe look, opt for a stone bath!

Having the bath sit on a platform and in front of a backdrop makes for a beautiful look, perfect for an Airbnb where lots of photos are taken! Our favourite way to style an outdoor bath look is with a beautiful textured and natural backdrop to the bath. Often shown off with wood panelling behind the bath or natural stone. Having these natural elements behind the bath creates that resort-style element.*

Outdoor shower ideas

Firstly, we highly recommend your outdoor shower and tapware to be 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel material. This material is perfect for outdoor areas, and beach house decks, as well as indoor areas. If you decide to use a shower that is not 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, ensure to check over the warranty, as most fittings will not be covered by warranty if it is to be installed indoors. Check out the Phoenix Stainless Steel range and Sussex's Monsoon range; perfect for any outdoor setting.

We recommend large, round outdoor showerheads to provide that luxurious rainfall experience! These can come in a wide range of styles from a modern and sleek showerhead, to a Hamptons style.

Our top tips for creating your outdoor oasis

1. Use your surroundings as inspiration

What do you want to be surrounded by while bathing? Perhaps you don’t want to be enclosed and would prefer a more open space. Take advantage of your surroundings, and use those as elements of decoration. If you are in a coastal environment, this is a great opportunity to incorporate plants with large leaves like a birds of paradise plant. If you are in a farm environment, incorporate a rustic outdoor bath and more wood panel surrounds. If you are in a more suburban setting, consider what type of escape you would appreciate seeing every day.

2. Consider the positioning

You don’t want to be bathing or showering where the sun doesn’t hit! If possible, position your outdoor bath or outdoor shower where there is plenty of sun so you can feel the warmth whilst bathing/showering. You may also want to make sure you are in a position that is still quite private and out of sight from neighbours.

3. Ensure you have storage

While an outdoor bath and shower are beautiful, there is nothing better than knowing that your decorative elements are functional and efficient. If you can, incorporate a shower niche into the wall so you can hold shampoos, shower gels, and more. Perhaps even a wall hook to hold your robe or towel.

If there is no wall to put a shower niche or robe or towel hook, stools are a great way to stay decorative but still give you that flat surface to place your toiletries and towels.

4. Consider outdoor lighting and fans

Outdoor lighting and fans play a crucial role in enhancing the ambiance and comfort of any exterior space. Strategic placement of lights can illuminate your garden, highlight architectural features, and ensure safety along pathways. Browse through a range of decorative/functional wall lights, downlights & spotlights, all perfect for an undercover area meaning your BBQs can happen day & night! Also check out our range of garden lights, all controllable from your mobile!

Meanwhile, outdoor fans contribute to a cool and breezy environment, making your patio or deck more enjoyable during warmer months. Our top tip is to integrate LED lighting for its energy efficiency and long lifespan, and opt for weather-resistant fans with adjustable speed settings. This combination ensures a perfect balance of form and function, creating a delightful and comfortable outdoor living space.

*please note, many baths are not warranted for outdoor use so always check the supplier warranty conditions

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