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Budget Friendly Bathroom Reno Tips

How to
Renovate on a budget

So your bathroom needs a renovation but your budget won't stretch. Don’t worry, you don't need to spend too much renovating your bathroom if you do it right. Stick to these tips, and you can renovate on a budget.

1. Make an assessment


You have to assess what has to be done as sometimes, just replacing bathroom accessories, painting walls and putting up new mirrors, towel rails and shelves can make a huge difference to your bathroom. Instead of retiling, you could perhaps place overlays over existing tiles and save on cost. The more changes made, the more expensive the renovation.

2. Recycle


Are there elements of your current bathroom that you could re-use? Perhaps the tiles are on point, but you only need to replace your fittings - or maybe your current mirror can be re-used in the new space.

If your existing fixtures and fittings are no good for your new look, you can also sell your items on marketplace to give them a new life somewhere else.

3. Keep your plumbing in the same place


It can be really expensive to move your plumbing around - so keep this in mind when designing your new bathroom space.

If you want to keep the cost down, replace your fixtures and fittings with the same plumbing configuration. For example; If you have a mixer tap, make sure you select a mixer tap in your new design.  

4. Shop the Sales


Look around for the best value products by using the price filters on our website, or better yet, try your luck on our Clearance page to pick up a bargain.  

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