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How much value does a new bathroom add to your home?

How Much Value Does A New Bathroom Add To Your Home?

In Australia we see how the housing market is extremely competitive for home owners which is why many are turning to the solution of renovating to increase their home value. The most searched houses on for Australia is a four bedroom two bathroom home, so adding an extra bathroom or even a powder room can increase your home value and marketability.

What you spend on your renovation you can easily make back when selling if you invest in the right areas of your home. The bathroom is one of those areas in which fixtures such as underfloor heating, on-trend tapware, baths and vanities can easily add value.

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms by not only your family but also your guests so of course the functionality, convenience and design of this space will be a major value adding factor.

Updating your bathroom is important because the majority of buyers focus on the quality and functionality of the bathroom just as much as the kitchen and laundry. With an outdated or poorly designed bathroom, you risk the possibility of not selling

Here are some quality value adding bathroom fixtures to consider

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be an excellent way to add property value and appeal. It’s an item that people dream of having in their home, simply for the added luxury it brings with it.


Traditional heating systems use convection currents that increase airborne dust particles. They also distribute heat unevenly throughout the room, compared to underfloor heating which produces a comfortable, even temperature for the whole room. Above all, underfloor heating is a clean, modern and healthier option to stay warm during those cold winters.


Economical to run and maintenance free. They can also come with timers that allow you to perfectly plan when your underfloor heating turns on and off.


Without the need of a traditional heater to take up unnecessary room - you now have a bigger looking bathroom and more free space



Upgrading your bathroom tapware is a simple solution to boost the design of your current bathroom. It can help make a statement and tie a room together, while matching it to your door handles adds a touch of sophistication to your space.


The functionality of your tapware can depend on the vanity and or basin installed. You want to make sure there is enough space available between the tap and basin for ease and comfort of use. Consider these styles when choosing a tap:


As more and more people become hygiene cautious, less surface contact is an ideal solution for your tapware. In these cases a Basin Mixer or Wall Mounted Basin Mixer would be preferred. However if it’s style you want to focus on, Three Piece Basin Taps have made a comeback recently as they provide a balanced look and aesthetically fill a void.


Trending tapware finishes are a sure way to bring value and modernise a dated looking bathroom. Make sure your chosen finish suits the overall style of your bathroom and home. Top trending tapware finishes are:


If you have enough space available for a bath, buyers will be looking for one. Real estate experts agree that not having a bath makes a home harder to sell and reduces its value.


Baths can be the centrepiece of your bathroom, the right design can add a sense of luxury to this space. Many also prefer to de-stress and relax in a bath after a hard day's work so they’re an item that people aspire to have.


Bath Tubs can be especially useful and favoured for it’s safe bathing option for families with children.


If you have the space, a freestanding bath will be a great showpiece to your bathroom that will impress most prospecting home owners for its stunning design. Most freestanding baths are available in the classic white finish however other trending finish options include Matte Grey and Black


Similarly to taps and toilets, vanities are a must have fixture in a bathroom, which means it’s so important you get them right.


The bathroom vanity is what carries all your essentials, this is the main storage space for your bathroom and can add the most value when paired with a matching mirror


A wall-hung vanity not only brings a contemporary style to your bathroom but also allows easy access for cleaning.


To make sure your vanity fits in with the design of your bathroom, you can customise some vanity's to ensure an overall harmonious style. Double vanities are also a more sought after design due to its striking appeal and convenience, especially for couples sharing a bathroom.

The cost for renovating a bathroom can vary, but the average price homeowners can expect to pay ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 for a complete bathroom renovation in Australia. While this cost might seem daunting, it’s an investment that will pay off come time to sell!

Looking to renovate but don’t want to break the bank? Read our blog Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget for our top money saving tips!

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