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Niche Market: Shower Recesses, Both Practical And Stylish

A Stylish Convenience

The shower niche, or shower recess, has certainly come into its own in recent years. Becoming a most requested and popular shower feature that combines a practical storage solution with a style statement, simultaneously.

If you wander through modern display homes for room inspiration, you’ll notice that exposed Shower Shelving has all but disappeared.

A shower niche, or a shower recess, is a recessed shelf in the wall that not only saves space, but looks modern, on-trend and is practical. They utilise existing wall space and providing a storage solution that does not impact on the rest of your bathroom in terms of any added clutter or bulky shelving.


Shower recesses are a valuable asset to any Bathroom renovation. They save much-needed space in the Shower area and shampoo and soap bottles are kept off the floor — where they traditionally build up dirt and grime, and can interfere with your water drainage.


For a harmonious and organic look, choose a neutral wall Tile for your shower and inlay the shower niche with the same tiles. This way the look is one of simplicity and continuity of colour, line and shape.

If you choose to highlight the niche as a style statement, choose a highlight tile colour that complements or contrasts with the shower’s main tile colour. You could also choose a different shape, like square, coloured tiles or glass tiles — you can be as creative as you like.


Your options are endless: you can have one shower recess, or many. They can be square or rectangular, the limit is really your own imagination (and the skill of your tiler & builder!).

Popular choices include a series of three squares vertically beneath each other up the wall, or one statement square or rectangle in a double shower. They needn’t just be confined to showers either. A recessed niche next to a Bath is an excellent idea, as stylish storage solutions are also needed in that area.