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Western Weekender Property Magazine – Kitchen Makeover


“A straight line kitchen is the best option for small areas”

Small kitchens may seem like a design challenge, but there’s plenty of ways to create your dream kitchen even with limited space. Managing Director of The Blue Space Josh Mammoliti recommends starting with a list of essential features and ranking them in order of importance. “More often than not with a small kitchen design you will have to sacrifice or compromise on one of your dream features,” Mr Mammoliti said. For example, is a large sink more important to you than a large dishwasher?

“Remembering what is important to you will always keep you grounded and ensure the decision making process is much easier,” Mr Mammoliti said. When it comes to layout a straight line kitchen is the best option for small areas. By using just one single wall, paired with a cleverly laid out design, you can ensure that you’ll still have room for all the essentials.

If you have an open kitchen/living area there’s also the option of adding in an island bench with seating, providing room to entertain family and friends.

Making overhead cabinets as high as possible will also help to make use of limited space, as will pull out pantries which are perfect for narrow kitchens. In a small kitchen it’s often items like microwaves that take up most of the bench space, reducing the size of your preparation areas. To create more room consider building the essentials into your cabinet design instead. Along with clever design there’s other ways to style a small space to make it feel bigger, including adding extra light from pendant lights or down lights, along with gloss finishes on your cabinetry and benchtops.

 If you would like more help in designing your kitchen space, The Blue Space Team are more than happy to help you out! Contact us today by clicking here!


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