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Better Homes And Gardens – Tips For Renovating A Bathroom

Tips for Renovating A Bathroom

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So you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom but aren’t sure where to start. The key to any successful bathroom renovation is being organised.

Josh Mammoliti, Managing Director, The Blue Space, shares his top tips for renovating a bathroom.

Set A Budget

Before you do anything, work out what your budget is.

“Things to consider that will affect your cost include changing the location of your plumbing, needing to repair any existing water or structural damage and heavy items, such as a bath, that might require extra structural work,” says Josh.

A renovation budget calculator can be used to help with this. Importantly, remember to leave room in your budget in case any unexpected issues arise.

Determine who will use the bathroom

Are kids the in the picture? Or, will the bathroom be used predominantly by a couple?

“These factors will influence how you design your room and your choice of fixtures,” says Josh, adding, “If a bathroom is for a couple you may desire a double Vanity with two sinks and a luxurious double Shower, whereas a young family may choose the practicality of a Bathtub and a smaller vanity.”

Decide on fittings and materials

From minimalism to contemporary, think about what style you want and pick your fittings and materials. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to start.

Not sure where to begin? Start with the tiles.

“No one wants the horror of a mismatching room,” says Josh. “It’s a good idea to pick your tiles first as this is the most dominant element in the room and everything else will flow from that.”

Expect delays

Regardless of how organised you are you, things can (and will) go wrong. However, there are few things you can do to make sure your renovation runs smoothly.

“One of the most common issues faced when renovating a bathroom is the unexpected delays. Whether it is the unearthing of problems in your space or trade delays,” says Josh.

If you are working on a tight schedule, one thing you can do is to arrange for your fittings and materials to arrive earlier than they are needed.

Book your tradies

Once you know exactly how you want to renovate your bathroom, it’s time to work out what tradies you need and in what order.

Tradespeople most likely needed for a full bathroom renovation include:

      • A plumber
      • An electrician
      • A tiler
      • A waterproofer

Luckily, a bathroom renovation company can manage your project from start to finish. If you are looking for a tradie, to get free quotes.

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