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Japandi Coastal Fusion | A Tranquil Coastal Retreat with Japanese Elegance

A Tranquil Coastal Retreat with Japanese Elegance

"This style marries the serene, functional elements of Japandi style with the light, airy, and nautical influences of Coastal design. The result is a harmonious and tranquil space that evokes calm, serenity, and a connection to nature."
Michaela, Interior Designer

Clean Lines & Neutral Colours


The Japandi Coastal Fusion design emphasises clean lines and a neutral colour palette, drawing inspiration from Japandi's minimalist approach. The Ingrain Horizontal Ash Pill Shaving Cabinet exemplifies this with its sleek design and natural ash finish, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Light & Breezy Atmosphere


The coastal influence is evident in the light and breezy atmosphere created by the design. The White Bella Subway Tile with a matte finish brings a fresh, airy feel to the space, reminiscent of seaside retreats. These tiles offer a subtle texture that enhances the overall look without overwhelming the senses.

Organic Textures


Incorporating organic textures is key to achieving the coastal vibe. The Ivory Tilly Tundra Stone Look Tile for the floor adds a natural stone appearance that is both durable and visually appealing. Its matte finish ensures a non-slip surface, making it practical for bathroom spaces.

Dark Vanity for Contrast


Introducing a dark vanity adds a grounding element to the space, providing contrast and depth while maintaining the overall sense of harmony and tranquillity. The Ingrain Contoured Vanity offers ample storage and a sleek design that complements the Japandi aesthetic.

The Baö Round 360mm Above Counter Basin in gloss white adds a touch of modern elegance, perfectly blending with the minimalist design ethos.

Functional & Elegant Tapware


The Indigo Alisa Bath/Basin Spout and Bath/Shower Mixer in chrome provide a sleek and functional addition to the bathroom. These fixtures enhance the minimalist look while offering high performance and durability.

Natural Lighting for Warmth


Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Eglo Bordesley ES 21 cm Pendant in natural wood finish adds a touch of organic charm and illuminates the space with a soft, ambient glow.


The Japandi Coastal Fusion style combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity and functionality of Japandi with the relaxed, airy feel of Coastal design. This harmonious blend creates a tranquil coastal retreat with a touch of Japanese-inspired elegance. Explore the products used in this design to transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary that exudes calm and sophistication.


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