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The Block 22 | Laundry & Mudroom Week | Winners, Dylan & Jenny

Laundry & Mudroom Week

A huge week has come to a close as the contestants on this year’s The Block & Channel 9 finish off their hallways, mudrooms & laundries. Dylan & Jenny finally came out on top this week with their luxe laundry/mudroom and simple yet classic-looking hallways.  

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Dylan & Jenny: Spacious & Put Together

With a stunning layout, this look is complete with spacious hallways and a seating area to finish. Dylan & Jenny completed a gorgeous renovation throughout their spaces, leading through to their laundry & mudroom. Combining modern & farmhouse chic, this laundry offered a stunning take with a sage green motif, complete with underfloor heating!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

The Mudroom

Starting in the mudroom, Dylan & Jenny tick all the boxes with ample storage, overhead shelving and a seating area to finish! The judges loved the simple addition of a second sink in this space for its practical use and simple look.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

The Laundry

With a similar style & look to keep continuity throughout the space, the couple opted for a matching colour palette, tapware & cabinetry throughout the laundry. Simply dividing the two spaces with a partition wall, this space feels large & luxurious. With black tapware, the couple complimented this look with a black washing machine & dryer to keep things cohesive.

Stay up to date as with next week’s Guest Bedroom! 

Taking things down a notch, the team’s tackle another guest bedroom next week. Watch this space to see how you can best recreate the winning look at home!  

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