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    Timberline Halifax Mirror - 600mm to 1500mm x 720mm

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Mirrors and Lighting

Space in our bathrooms is a luxury we don't always have, but mirrors can create the illusion of space and enhance the light in the room.

Apart from their practical utility, mirrors can also add a touch of drama to the bathroom. Depending on the available space, theme and colour of the bathroom, you can choose between decorative or simple designs.

When buying a mirror, be sure to choose one that complements the lighting fixture and vanity you already have in place.

Mirrors can dress up a bathroom in ways that, frankly, you may not be able to imagine. Using a mirror to create a wall that is designed to catch the eye is something that many people do in rooms all around the house.

LED and lit, or lighted, mirrors add superior function to beautiful form to really enhance your grooming experience. Our range of non lit, LED lighted and designer mirrors gives ample choice for any bathroom.

Mirrors are used today in order to create a focal point for the bathroom and to reflect the decorating and the style of another wall or an interesting aspect of another portion of the room. They are also a necessary component in the bathroom, allowing you to complete morning ablutions and to inspect your hair, teeth or other aspects of your daily hygiene.

Picture your new bathroom, reflected in the elegant glass of your brand new vanity mirror, designed to showcase your bathroom and to reflect well on you.

Backlit Mirrors

Back-Lit Mirrors usually feature either a back box which is screwed to the wall and then the mirror hung on the front using hooks secured to the mirror. LED models include a 12 volt transformer in the unit and fluorescent light models connect directly to 240 volt. Wiring is usually through the centre of the back box and needs to be hard wired to a switch in the room, either in the light switch panel or centre of the power point. The use of Back-Lit Mirrors in your bathroom gives an added ambience to the room and also allows you to leave the energy efficient lights on during the night as a night light in the bathroom. Our back-lit mirrors are compatible with our de-misting pads.

Mirror Care

For best results, clean mirrors using methylated spirits and water at a ratio of 30% methylated spirits and 70% water. DO NOT use harsh chemical cleaning products. Avoid getting water on the back and sides of the mirror as damage to silver backing can occur. In coastal areas it is recommend wiping around the edge of the mirror once a month to avoid salt build up that can cause silver creep.


What type of mirror is best for a bathroom?

Your bathroom is as unique as the rest of your home, so your bathroom mirrors need to reflect your personal taste. There is a huge variety of products to choose from here at The Blue Space, from round bathroom mirrors, to rectangular mirrors, to bathroom LED mirrors. All three options are great for perfecting your makeup or getting that cute mirror picture before a night out.

You can also choose a toilet mirror that doubles-up as a storage solution — we offer plenty of mirror cabinets, which are an excellent option for storing all your personal grooming products and other bathroom items. This helps to keep your bathroom neat and tidy, which can make the room appear larger.

What size should a bathroom mirror be?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the size of your bathroom mirror. It depends entirely on your personal preference, the size and shape of your bathroom. These days, many people opt for a large bathroom mirror, sometimes taking up most of the space on a wall. This has a number of benefits. It makes it easier for you to review your appearance as you get to see your entire reflection. It also makes your bathroom look bigger, by reflecting more light around the room.

If you don’t have the space for a large bathroom mirror but still want to see yourself reflected clearly, consider a magnifying mirror as an alternative. We stock these in a range of styles, sizes and shapes.

Are there special mirrors for bathrooms?

While mirrors in other rooms are usually decorative, bathroom mirrors have a wide variety of different functions. This means you need to think carefully when choosing a bathroom mirror to make sure it meets your needs. For example, you may use it to brush your teeth, shave or put on makeup. Many people choose a bathroom mirror with lights to help them see better when performing these daily grooming tasks.

Bathroom mirrors are also frequently used to disguise storage space behind them — mirrored cabinets are a good example of this.

Is there a difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror?

While regular mirrors are often used in bathrooms, it is better to buy a product that is specifically designed for the task. Bathroom mirrors have to withstand an environment where there is a lot of steam and condensation every day, all year round. For this reason, many households opt for a demister mirror in the bathroom which clears quickly without leaving behind streaks, enabling you to see your reflection as soon as you get out of the shower.

Bathroom mirrors also require the right cleaning products so they don’t corrode in the damp environment. We offer a range of mirror cleaners that are designed to get your bathroom mirror sparkling whilst still treating the mirror’s surface gently, ensuring your mirror lasts as long as possible.

Why are bathroom mirrors so expensive?

As with all essential, home decor products, bathroom mirrors tend to be expensive. It is worth remembering that a beautiful, well-appointed bathroom can add significant value to your home. Thus, it is worth investing in the right bathroom accessories. However, here at The Blue Space, we believe in keeping our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality. Our range of bathroom mirrors includes many budget-friendly options that look fantastic!

Are frameless mirrors in style?

Yes, frameless mirrors are very much in style at present. They have clean lines and offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for contemporary bathrooms. A frameless mirror can instantly give your bathroom a fresh look. It can also create the illusion of more space because the line between the mirror and the wall isn’t broken by a frame.

However, if your bathroom is a more traditional design, we also offer an excellent range of beautiful framed mirrors to coordinate with classic bathroom styles.

Should a bathroom mirror be the same width as the vanity?

There are different opinions on this topic. Some interior designers say that bathroom vanity mirrors should be the same width as the vanity or even slightly smaller to make the room design feel more cohesive. In recent years, however, there has been a shift towards having a large bathroom mirror to give the bathroom a more luxurious and spacious feel.

Ultimately, this is down to personal taste, as you know how you want your bathroom to look.

Should vanity lights hang over the mirror?

There are many options when it comes to creating the perfect lighting for your bathroom mirror. Some homeowners choose to have the vanity lights hanging over the mirror. However, you might also want to consider a bathroom mirror with lights built in, as this solves the problem in one go.

A backlit mirror is a good choice if you want a great view of your reflection, particularly if you're using the mirror to put on makeup. These days, many people are choosing bathroom LED mirrors, which project a clear, flattering light all around the edges of the mirror. LED lights are long-lasting, so these mirrors have a long lifespan and provide excellent value for money.

How do I choose a bathroom mirror?

There are several important things to consider when selecting the right bathroom mirror for you. Firstly, think about the design of your bathroom — is it modern or more traditional? You need to choose a mirror that coordinates well with the style of the room.

You also have to consider who uses the bathroom and how they use it. What ablutions will be done in front of the mirror? Do you need a backlit mirror for makeup or a flexible mirror for shaving? If the bathroom needs more storage space, you might want to choose a mirrored cabinet instead of a single mirror.

Once you have an idea of the type of mirror you need, take a look at our range of bathroom mirrors and choose a design that appeals to you on all levels.

Where should a mirror be placed in a bathroom?

Most people position the mirror above the vanity. This is often the most practical place for a bathroom mirror, but it is not the only option. A well-placed bathroom mirror can have a surprising number of benefits, including making the room appear bigger.

Also, there is no rule to say that you can only have one mirror in the bathroom. A different mirror on another wall can be the perfect complement to your bathroom vanity mirror and can help to reflect the light more effectively.

Find out more about bathroom mirrors

You can shop our bathroom mirror range here and enjoy fast shipping Australia-wide. Or, if you have any questions, our dedicated team will be happy to help you.