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Timberline Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet Finishes

Painted Colours

All painted colours are finished with our durable 2 pack polyurethane hardening process, which makes them easy to clean and hard-wearing. Shaker routed vanities are only available in painted finishes. Satin finish standard unless specified for pastel colours.

Note for Special Colours: Gloss finishes look distinctly different to sample matt finishes. Painted colours can vary slightly between batches.

White Gloss or White Satin

Black Satin

Dark Grey Satin

Light Grey Satin

Pink Satin

Duck Egg Blue Satin

Navy Blue Satin

Emerald Green Satin

Woodrain Colours

The Melamine woodgrain finishes are ultra durable and add warmth and colour to your bathroom. Some woodgrains have a matt finish while others have a realistic texture. Woodgrain finishes are not available on shaker routed vanities. Timberline uses high quality Australian materials from Polytec and Laminex.

Note for woodgrain cabinets: Due to manufacturing process grain patterns do not line up across panels. Horizontal grain is standard on vanity units. Grain direction may vary for tallboys and shavers.

White Painted Wood Texture

Chalky Teak Textured

Concrete Formwood

Angora Oak Woodmatt

Classic Oak Textured

Rural Oak Texture

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt

Elegant Oak Texture

Idyllic Texture

Prime Oak Woodmatt

Artisan Beamwood Texture

Notaio Walnut Woodmatt

Antico Oak Woodmatt

Milano Walnut Texture

Oxidised Beamwood Texture

Fox Teakwood Texture

Lustrous Elm Matt

Charred Oak Texture

Estella Oak Woodmatt

Perugian Walnut Woodmatt

Blackened Linewood Texture

Timberline Benchtop Finishes

SilkSurface 20mm Solid Surface

SilkSurface is the right choice for enduring beauty. Manufactured using a special multi-process technique, these solid surfaces have a beautiful blend of colours with a realistic natural appearance. Tops made from our SilkSurface range are high performance 20mm acrylic solid surfaces.

Silksurface may be substituted for equivalent colours if required. SilkSurface is manmade slab with an acrylic resin base. As each slab is individual, natural variation in graining and colouring is to be expected. While the colours on the website are to the highest standard, it should only be used as an indication of actual product design.

Arctic White


Bianco Pearl

Star Dust

Calcutta Snow

White Crystal Boulder

Blanca Granite

Canvas Mist

Tuscany Mocha

Grigio Stone

Smokey Mountain

Winter Boulder

Caesarstone 20mm Selection

A classic and natural look! Caesarstone® is a 20mm thick engineered stone product has all the timeless beauty of natural stone. Manufactured with 93% natural quartz the durable surface is a practical, easy to clean, hard wearing option.

Pure White


White Attica

Frosty Carrina

Frozen Terra

Topus Concrete

Cloudburst Concrete

Alpine Mist

Noble Grey

Raw Concrete


Timberline Handle Options

Arch Chrome

Arch Black

Arch Brushed Nickel

Arch Satin Gold

Arch White

Curve Chrome

Curve Black

Curve Brushed Nickel

Curve Satin Gold

Curve White

D Chrome

D Black

D Brushed Nickel

D Satin Gold

D White

Flat Knob Chrome

Flat Knob Brushed Nickel

Flat Knob Black

Flat Knob Satin Gold

Leather Pull Chrome

Leather Pull Black

Leather Pull Pewter

Leather Pull Satin Gold

Ova Chrome

Ova Black

Ova Brushed Nickel

Ova Brushed Gold

Retro Chrome

Retro Brushed Nickel

Retro Black

Retro White

Retro Pewter

Retro Satin Gold

Round Knob Chrome

Round Knob Brushed Nickel

Round Knob Black

Round Knob White

Round Knob Satin Gold

Solid Lip 50mm Chrome

Solid Lip 50mm Brushed Nickel

Solid Lip 50mm Black

Solid Lip 50mm Satin Gold

Solid Lip 178mm Chrome

Solid Lip 178mm Brushed Nickel

Solid Lip 178mm Black

Solid Lip 178mm Satin Gold

Square Chrome

Square Brushed Nickel

Square Black

Square White

Square Satin Gold

Woodgrain Fingerpull

Painted Fingerpull