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Biggest Ever EOFY Sale!

Thermogroup Underfloor Heating 150W/m² Full Kit

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An electric underfloor heating system provides an energy efficient, on demand heating system as well as interior design flexibility and improves comfort and space for everyone. This is a full kit, ready for installation. Simply select the size of your space from the drop down selections.

  • Kit items include Thermonet 150W/m² Mat, Programmable Thermostat, Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Cable Monitor and Installation Guide
  • Choose from 1 square metre through to 10 square metre kits
  • Thermonet features 3.5mm TwistedTwin cable, the unique stress free cable construction creates a longer lasting heating cable with zero electromagnetic field (Zero EMF)
  • Thermonet is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer
  • Suitable for installation above the screed, directly under tiled floors. For installation under the screed we recommend selecting the 200W kit
  • Max temperature 28 degrees
  • Protection rating IP68
  • 5m cold tail length
  • The system comes with a lifetime warranty plus a 3 year warranty on thermostats
  • Made in Germany
  • View product specifications here

Running Costs

Greater efficiency can also be achieved by including by:

  • Including a layer of insulation
  • Splitting the heating into different zones
  • Using a programmable thermostat to only have the heating on when you need it

There is a number of factors that will influence the efficiency and the running costs of your underfloor heating. This includes:

  • The set temperature
  • The size and design of the room/home
  • Level of insulation
  • External temperatures
  • Flooring products used
  • Your electricity tariff
  • Length of time the floor heating is on
  • If there is any other heat sources in the room

To get an estimated running cost use Thermogroup's running costs calculator.


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What's In The Box

Thermonet 150W/m² Mat
Programmable Thermostat
Floor Temperature Sensor
Sensor Conduit
Cable Monitor
Installation Guide & Warranty Form