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The Laundry Reno Checklist

What you need to know for your Laundry Reno

The Laundry is often the most neglected room in the house. If you are planning to remodel your laundry and wish to get the maximum output from this space, then read on for some options on creating the perfect utilitarian space.

Once you're ready to take the plunge, head over to our Laundry Cabinet page to get started.

Laundry Sinks


While choosing a sink for your laundry room, you should first decide what you will use it for. Laundry tubs are available in a multitude of sizes from extra large, to hold multiple buckets for heavy duty soaking, to small tubs designed to suit euro-style laundries..

Sinks are available in ceramic and stainless steel finishes to suit different tastes. You can also choose between rectangular, square and round shaped sinks as well as a single or double sink, depending on your need.

View Laundry Sinks here >

Laundry Ceramic Sink


If you have a laundry combined with a bathroom, a ceramic sink, washtub or laundry basin is the perfect solution to achieve a bathroom feel in a utilitarian laundry space.

The ceramic sink is a popular option that can be installed as both undercounter, overcounter or semi recessed, depending on the look you're after.

We absolutely love a large butler style cermic sink in the laundry if you have the room, as it is the perfect place for soaking larger items like lounge covers and doonas!

Check out our favourite Turner Hastings range >

Laundry Units


If you're after a complete unit, look at a Laundry tub and cabinet. These are stainless steel laundry tubs with a built-in stainless steel cabinet for storage. This style is perfect for those on a budget or with a very compact space..

View Laundry Tub & Cabinets here >

Laundry Tubs


If you're remodelling rather than completing a full renovation, then you may be looking at replacing your old laundry tub for a more useful, elegant and manageable one. There are various tubs available in the market. Tub designs cater for all laundry rooms so whether your concern is style, budget or both, you can choose from a range of designs in ceramic and steel. The tubs are made from high quality materials that will last you for years to come.

View Laundry Sinks here >

Laundry Tapware


The tapware is as important as the sink. Tapware ranges are available in all styles – from 3 piece tapware to mixer taps, wall mounted laundry taps and bench mounted designs.

Laundry’s usually require tapware to fill the tub and washing machine taps to control water to the washing machine. Laundry tapware is available in all colours and styles from black laundry tapware to gold laundry tapware

View Laundry Taps here >

Modular Laundry Cupboards

We work with reputable Laundry cabinet ptoviders who provide high-quality Australian made products. We offer Individual cabinets, fully built and ready for installation!

These cabinets are customisable to match a variety of interior designs and laundry room sizes.

View Laundry Cabinet Options here >

View our favourite internal clothes hanger here >

Ready to renovate your laundry?
Check out a few of our top picks for easy home renovation projects to get started today!

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