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Emma Blomfield x The Blue Space

Emma Blomfield
The Blue Space

In May 2022, Emma acquired a dated apartment on Sydney's lower North Shore. Constructed in 1933, the residence bore traces of its art deco origins, which had been largely obscured or removed over time. Emma embarked on a mission to restore these elements, paying homage to the building's history


The recent renovation of a Sydney apartment by Emma Blomfield, renowned Director and Principal Designer at Emma Blomfield Studio, exemplifies a masterful blend of functionality and aesthetic elegance, respecting the property's 1930s heritage. This undertaking was significantly enhanced through the collaboration with The Blue Space and the incorporation of Phoenix tapware products, which provided a range of stylish and high-quality fixtures and fittings.

The apartment's transformation is remarkable. Neutral wall tones were refreshed to a vibrant cream, while the uninspiring grey tiles gave way to an elegant mosaic marble. Each aspect of the renovation was meticulously planned, reviving the hidden historical elements of the home and ensuring a cohesive design throughout.

A key part of the renovation involved selecting fixtures like tapware and showers, an aspect where Emma's collaboration with Phoenix tapware became invaluable. The Brushed Gold Cromford Collection from Phoenix, an award-winning series celebrated for its timeless design, was a natural choice for the heritage-inspired theme. The collection's modern yet classic design, available in various finishes, perfectly complemented the apartment's art deco style.

In the bathroom, Emma integrated design elements characteristic of Art Deco, such as curves and fluting. This included a fluted shower screen and the Cromford Twin Shower from Phoenix.


Emma's choice of bathroom products from The Blue Space played a significant role in achieving her vision. This included the Timberline Church Shaving Cabinet, the Timberline Bargo Floorstanding Vanity with Above Counter Basin, the Caroma Basin Pop-up Plug and Waste, the Caroma Urbane II Bottle Trap, the Caroma Luna Hand Wall Basin, and the Fienza RAK Washington Close-Coupled Toilet Suite.
Reflecting on the renovation, Emma highlights the importance of careful planning, from layout to fixtures, and preparing for unexpected challenges. Her satisfaction with the completed project is evident, as she relishes the beauty and functionality of her newly renovated home.



Photography was provided by Joe Cheng, capturing the essence of Emma's design and the transformative journey of the apartment.


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