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Husskie – We Are Triibe’s Top 10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Living Space

To wrap up an exciting 2016, our talented friends at We are Triibe chatted to Husskie about just some of their top ways to create the perfect living space for the new year.

Some people are born with a knack for interior styling. And some people are not (ahem). For those who are a little lacking when it comes to decor design, Husskie is pretty thrilled with its latest find: The Blue Space. Rather than just selling individual household items, this website actually makes it possible to buy complete stylised rooms – right out of the picture. Genius.

To help create some of these rooms, The Blue Space has teamed up with the clever duo behind We Are Triibe. Run by Jessica Stewart and Christina Symes, We Are Triibe helps reinvent spaces – with the two creating beautiful interiors that resonate strongly with their 34K followers on Instagram.

On the back of their collaboration with The Blue Space, Husskie gets the lowdown from Jessica and Christina on how to best create inspiring living spaces.
1. Look at your overall scheme cohesively and identify the items that you really love and others that you are willing to part with. By clearing out unnecessary items you have accumulated over the past year, such as stacks of magazines, old mail, receipts and the little bits and bobs you collect along the way, it will instantly make your space feel fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Some smaller items in the home which often get overlooked such as door handles, tapware and lighting can really dictate the overall look and feel of a space, especially if you live in an older house or building, they can begin to look quite tired and dated. By replacing these items, you can really lift the aesthetic and feel of your home, as well as adding new styling items such as rugs, cushions and potted plants.

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